How Many Gorillas Are In Buhoma? Buhoma sector is one of the habituated mountain gorilla groups that are found within Bwindi Impenetrable national park, which is located in Kanungu district in the Southwestern region of Uganda. This national park is famously known for being a perfect destination for one to visit while they are on their gorilla trekking safari in Uganda because it is a home to over 400 endangered mountain gorilla species. Buhoma sector is well known and commonly visited because it is considered as the most easiest and amazing sector where one can go for gorilla trekking compared to all other sectors in the park. more so, this sector is recorded to be the place where the first gorilla family which is known as the Mubare Gorilla family was first habituated and trekked in Bwindi Impenetrable national park.

Activities in Bwindi Impenetrable National Parks

Tourists with an interest of trekking the mountain gorillas in Buhoma sector are always charged a fee of about 700 USD per person and before trekking, they are usually briefed about the rules and regulations to follow during the trekking  such as; they should lower their voices while inside or near the park, do not eat or drink while in the presence of the gorillas, avoid maintaining direct eye contact with the species among others and then later, they are put in groups with a maximum number of 8 people  and each group is being assigned with a park guide or ranger whose responsibility is to lead them through during the trekking because they are well conversant with places where the mountain gorillas are always located. More so, the buhoma sector has many trails that tourists can use and these include;

Rushura hill trail.

The Rushura hill trail in Buhoma sector starts from the Buhoma park offices and leads tourists to Rushura hill, which is well known to be the highest point within the park. trekking through this trail always takes tourists about 3 to 4 hours to compete and this trail is seen as the best adventurous trail because hiking through the Rushura hill trail and get to the top, it helps individuals capture classic views of the western rift Valley and the beautiful scenic views of Virunga mountains and also grants them chances to encounter with the terraced fields and walk through the dense forests.

 Munyaga river trail.

Munyaga river trail navigates through the valley along bizenga and then joins the Munyanga River and this trail is considered the easiest trail that the trekkers could ever use in the park. more so, Munyaga river trail is best for the bird lovers to visit because hiking through this trail gives tourists opportunities to sight see a very big number of bird species and other primate species like while and black colobus monkeys among others.

River Ivy trail.

The River Ivy trail covers a total surface area of about 14 kilometers and it is located within the Southern region of Bwindi Impenetrable national park. This trail is considered the longest trail within Buhoma sector and it leads the trekkers through Mukempunu, which is famously known, as a place with large numbers of wild pigs. More so, River Ivy trail being the largest trail trekking the mountain gorillas using this trail takes you about 8 hours to complete and during the trekking, tourists always get opportunities to sight see many beautiful butterflies, over look at large numbers of bird species and other primate species like; chimpanzees, duikers and black and white colobus monkeys among others.

How Many Gorillas Are In Buhoma?
River Ivy trail

Waterfall trail.

Tourists who opt to use the waterfall trail with an aim of trekking locating the endangered mountain gorilla species always spend about three good hours to spot their species within their natural habitats. More so, the waterfall trail is the most popular trail found in Bwindi impenetrable national park and it leads tourists to see the waterfall in the park.

Muzabajiro loop trail.

Muzabajiro loop trail covers a total surface area of about 6 square kilometers and it leads tourists through the hills of Buhoma sector and hiking through this trail helps the trekkers to capture classic views of the Virunga volcanoes and also gives them chances to explore through the beautiful vegetation cover of different kinds and also be able to sight see primate species like golden monkeys and many others,How Many Gorillas Are In Buhoma?

 Accommodation facilities offered at Buhoma sector.

Tourists choosing to have their adventurous experience from Buhoma sector while trekking the habituated mountain gorillas are always offered comfortable and affordable accommodation facilities however, these lodging facilities are always ranged and put in different classes hence giving a chance to the tourists to choose where to have their stay according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget. Therefore, these lodging facilities range from; budget, luxury, mid-range, and these lodging facilities include the following; Bwindi guesthouse, silverback lodge, buhoma safari lodge, Bwindi view bandas, Buhoma community rest camp and top notch gorilla forest camp among others.

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