How to prepare for a mountain gorilla trekking safari: Mountain gorilla trekking safaris are the most sought-after safaris in this region of East Africa. In every 10 people going for a safari in East Africa, 8 of them will have a mountain gorilla trekking safari. And by no doubt mountain gorilla trekking is adventurous, exciting, refreshing a top-of-the-table safari experience, if you are ever in East Africa don’t miss out on the opportunity to have one.

So imagine you have booked your mountain gorilla safari and you are ready to show up in East Africa for the experience, how are you going to prepare for the safari; to see to it that you enjoy it and make the most of it?

Worry not in this article we break it down for you, so we know you will be ready when you get here.

How to prepare for a mountain gorilla trekking safari : Physical fitness

Almost anybody who is well and healthy can do mountain gorilla trekking however we all know Mountain gorilla trekking, involves a lot of walking and climbing so to be on the safe side, at least a month before your trekking experience, do some routine walks, jogging or running to get your body in shape for the trekking experience. The advantage of getting your body ready too, you won’t get so worn out with the trek. People who have not had enough physical exercise before the trek usually are worn out and their bodies are extremely tired after the trek.

How to prepare for a mountain gorilla trekking safari  : Dressing for Gorilla Trekking

Putting on bright colors might attract the attention of the gorillas and bring them close to you or they may irritate them and cause the gorillas to charge and become rowdy in your presence.  Sunglasses are also not allowed while with the gorillas. Their reflection on the glass might make them come to you to find out more, so avoid the sunglasses.

However you will need some fairly thick clothing, long-sleeved are better, hats, hiking boots, and gloves as part of your trekking wardrobe. The shoes you carry should be ideal for climbing muddy and steep slopes

How to prepare for a mountain gorilla trekking safari
Packing list for Gorilla Trekking


Mountain gorilla trekking involves a lot of walking up and down the mountain, you need to carry some water and enough water to take you through the whole trekking period, lest you faint on the adventure.


Since the mountain gorilla trekking may take a while, we advise you to pack a snack for the day. The best option is an energy bar or anything that can boast your energy levels.

The day before the trek

Rest up and rest early. You need to get enough rest the day before so that you are mentally and physically fresh for the trekking experience the next day, If you don’t get enough rest you will be so fatigued, you will fail to enjoy the experience.

Do a little reading

Your tour consultant gives you all the information you need for your mountain gorilla trekking experience but it helps if you can read up on the trekking experience of the gorillas so that you are fully prepared for what you are going for. Know the rules and something about the forest you will trek.

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