How to stay fit on your safari : When we are going for a safari, what we usually think about it rest, vacation break from working out and just chilling. However it’s also good that we purpose to stay fit even when we are on our safari.

Some activities on a safari like mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, mountain climbing, hiking etc keep you fit automatically because they are physically demanding.

That said other safari activities like game viewing, boat rides, observing community activities etc., don’t  have a lot of physical demands so you will be relaxed most of the time. It’s for that reason that you need to be intentional in staying fit while you are on safari.

You must be wondering how can you stay fit then? Well be of good cheer we have a few suggestions for you on how you can stay fit on your safari.

  1. Plan for an entirely exercise filled safari.

If you are not sure you will intentionally keep fit. You may have to plan for a safari with at least 70 percent physical activity. You may have to plan for activities like mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, climbing, mountain cycling, hiking, bird watching walks among others.

How to stay fit on your safari
Gorilla Trekking

These activities alone will keep you fit without even going to the gym.

  1. Get accommodation facilities with gyms

If having an active activity filled itinerary is not the goal for your ideal safari. You can choose to get accommodation that has gym facilities and work out offers – this is the accommodation you will be using all through out your safari. Being at an accommodation will the workout facilities will actually push you to work out because the facilities are available.

  1. Add working out to your itinerary

You can also choose to add working out to your itinerary as something to do on your safari. Depending on how much you want to workout  you can add more days to the itinerary specifically dedicated to working out. This will be very helpful to you as you will do working out as a safari activity not as a thing you have do.

  1. Join a workout group for the safari time

Sometimes we want to work out but we need company. So before you go for your safari you can consult with your tour operator about the available options for safari workout groups.

Join one and you will be motivated to workout because of the company and accountability from others. The bonus is you will meet new people and make new friends.

  1. Watch what you eat

We all know working out and not eating well doesn’t help our fitness journey. So you should also watch what you are eating on your safari. Yes safaris are for relaxing, eating, enjoying everything good but over do it; especially when you want to keep fit. Be intentional in watching what you eat, it will go a long way in helping you stay fit.

  1. Carry your own workout kit and routine guide

The other thing you can do is carry your own workout kit and routine guide. A kit that is portable like a yoga mat, smaller kilo weights etc and videos to guide you in your  workout. You can do this in your room and at any time your wish. Since you are doing this at your own convenience you will be pushed to do it.

Generally  working out and staying fit on your Uganda Rwanda safari is intentional and a personal initiative. So if you don’t push yourself to do your workouts on the safari or cheat on your routines or even relax and forget all about working out, you will not stay fit.

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