Iby Iwacu Cultural is an activity which is done in volcanoes National park in Musanze town, Iby Iwacu cultural village is an interesting culture, experience, it shows the infamous poaching culture in Rwanda.

The locals used to poach the mountain Gorillas, the community  rehabilitated from the criminal of poaching and also support their community by introducing visitors to the unique cultural of pre-colonial.

Iby Iwacu Cultural Village is a village with many activities that include Music, dance and drummer, by the village participating one learns about the tradition life of living of the Rwandese people, food, life style of the kings of Rwanda , medicine and many more to encounter during your visit. Discover the experience in culture of Rwanda.


The Iby Iwacu Cultural village is one of the amazing projects which welcomed the former poachers in Rwandan culture, Iby Iwacu is one of the unique attractions in Rwanda, and the project offers visitors a chance to interact with the local people learning about the history of the former poachers.

There a number of visitor’s activities including

Demonstrating of traditional dance and music

Visiting and demonstrate how the Kings and Queens of Rwanda live, learn about the history take on the king or Queen act to try the exercise power over the subject.

Try the practice of traditional herbalists there not witch but they mainly treat people by use of herbs.

Visit the local clinics to speak with the elderly

Cook with the local people and try out new food test.

Visit the local schools

Learn how to hunt with spears

Learn various ways of the Rwanda people at this project area.


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