Is July a good month to safari? : Every month is good month to safari in our opinion because the wild doesn’t close, it’s always open and flourishing. Plus almost all the Uganda safari destinations are open all year round. So anytime you feel like going on a safari will not be out of choices.

But to answer the question of whether July is a good month to safari. Our answer is YES and a strong YES. Below are some of our reasons:-


In East Africa, July is one of the dry month. You many actually go the entire month without a drop of rain. We all know safari is in the sunny season is a jackpot, you have minimal if not zero weather interruptions which is a plus for you if you desire to enjoy your safari to the fullest.

Is July a good month to safari?
Is July a good month to safari?

Also the dry weather makes it easy to do all your Uganda safari activities without worrying when the rain will cut you off. For some who like sun bathing this is the perfect time to get into the sun for the sunbath.

Peak season

July is the peak season of safaris, most people take safaris during this time. And if you are like us you have FOMO (the fear of missing out), so you have to take a safari in this season. However, besides that, because this is the peak season safari destination go all out, leaving no stone unturned so when you visit a safari place you are assured of getting everything you hoped you will get, sometimes even much more.


July for most countries is summer break, meaning some people are off work. If you are the kind of person who likes company, a safari in July can be one you need to take. It’s easily to get people to come with you for the safari in this season.

Also as stated above it’s the pick season, so even if you don’t travel with company, chances are quite you will find company at your Uganda safari destination. In fact you can make friendship that may last a lifetime, you never know. This has happened to some of our clients and we call it the power of July.

All safari destination are open  

Let’s say you can be spoilt of choice for destinations. Since July is a peak safari season, all safari destinations are open for visitors and business. You will not lack a place to safari because all are open. The only problem you will have is choosing the destination you want to safari at. – Which is a good problem if you ask.

Well to solve that problem you have to first examine what you want to achieve you’re your safari and then find a place that will meet your needs. Our dedicated tour consultants can help in making a choice and getting you all the information you need for you to make the best decision.

Is July a good month to safari?
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Safari activities

Like we said for the destinations, it’s no different for the safari activities. Whichever safari activity you want to do in this month it’s available, you will just be spoilt for choice or your strength may fail you but otherwise all activities you desire to take part in on your safari you can. From game drives, tracking experiences, primate trekking, birding sprees, nature tours, community tours, water adventures, recreational activities, road trips and many more.

If you are failing to decide which activities to have, you can consultant with one of our tour consultants who will help you make the best choice for your safari.

And those are our reasons for a safari in July. Enjoy your safari.

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