Keeping cool on a hot season safari : The peak season of the safaris is coming up soon in this year and we know everyone is up and about planning their safari, getting everything ready for that spectacular experience. On top of the many things about this momentous safari is the heat of the peak season. Its summer everywhere so the sun is out, bright and shining.

The beauty with safaris in the sunny season is that they are perfect; you get to do all the safari activities without interruptions and without worry of the downpour, however you worry will be how you do keep cool throughout the sunny safari. Here are a few tips on how to keep cool on your Uganda safari.

  1. Light and comfortable clothing

You should pack light and comfortable clothing for your safari, clothing that will not absorb the heat and also allow the wind to pass through so that you keep cool all through the day.

  1. Neutral colors

Neutral-coloured clothing are good, because they are cooler than black or dark garments, so they allow you to stay cool whole day.

  1. Use sunscreen

For skin care, invest in some sunscreen to apply on your body to avoid having painful sunburns and sun rashes. Also use the sun screen when you have it.

  1. Drink lots of water

To keep hydrated and avoid dehydration keep water and drink, drink, drink the water. If you can carry some ice blocks to put in the water to keep it cold enough to cool your thirsty or find a way of getting cool water when you are on the Uganda Rwanda safari.

  1. Keep the room Air conditioner on when you’re in, or open the windows to allow air through

Allow air and cool air to go through your room especially when you’re in, so that you don’t sweat the whole time your enclosed in the room or using the room.

  1. Swim

Go swimming if you can or take part in a water activity that you can do. Water in the heat helps you cool off the heat in most cases.

Keeping cool on a hot season safari
Keeping cool on a hot season safari
  1. Shades and head covers

Use shades and head covers to protect your eyes and head from getting direct sun.

  1. Watch your diet

Watch your diet or rather eat a diet that will help your body retain fluids than increase your dehydration. It helps to keep cool and hydrated.

  1. Watch out for dehydration signs

Even when you’re doing everything to keep cool you may suffer dehydration so look out for signs like headache, confusion, dizziness etc. when you see these signs please rest and seek medical attention.

  1. Get some rest

Try and get some rest when you can, it helps cool the body.

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