Kenya Uganda safari what should expect : Because Kenya and Uganda are neighbors, travelers like or prefer to visit both countries on their safari to East Africa; and honest why not. You shot two birds with one stone as the saying goes. Of course, if you are already in the region, you can visit both countries and enjoy two different facets of nature, fauna and flora.

So if you are one of those or us planning to visit East Africa sometime and more specifically Kenya and Uganda on the same safari trip, these are some of the things you will expect on this safari.

Diverse Wildlife

The wildlife in Kenya and Uganda combined is over 1500 species of wild animals, so what we are saying you will enjoy a diverse array of wildlife in both countries. You view land animals, water animals, rare animals, common animals and most of all the big five. The animals you expect to see include but are not limited to lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, topis, kobs, warthogs, cheetahs, antelopes, hippos, baboons and many more.

Kenya Uganda safari what should expect
Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safari

Most of these animals are in both countries but because of the difference in flora and climate, you may five one country has some species in larger numbers than others.

Game parks with these animals are Maasai Mara National Park, Amboseli National Park, Nairobi National Park, Tvaso National Park and many more in Kenya.

In Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls National Park, Kidepo National Park among others.


Uganda is a primate hub, harboring about 13 primate species with the most notable being the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees. The others include monkeys, golden monkeys, and baboons among others. When visiting Uganda you will be sure to enjoy primate Tracking experience like no other. In fact most people who visit Uganda are looking forward to an experience in the forested areas to trek and find primates with whom they spend an hour.

So be excited for this on this safari. Parks you will tour are Bwindi National Park, Mgahinga National Park for mountain gorillas and golden monkeys in the latter. For Chimpanzees you will visit Kibale National Park and some other places.


When it comes to birds both countries are rich in bird species. Kenya’s Lake Nakuru National Park and Lake Naivasha being on top of the list for birding experiences. Lake Nakuru is famous for the thousands of flamingos that flock this saline lake. Other bird species you can find in Nakuru and other places in Kenya include weavers, guineafowls, mousebird, turaco, striped kingfisher and many more

In Uganda some of the famous bird species are the shoebill stork, Albertine birds, African finfoot, marabou stork, African darter and others. You can find these birds in most of the national parks and Mabira forest among other places.

Diverse Cultures and Cuisines

Both these countries have heterogeneous people so you will have a chance to experience different cultures and cuisines on your safari. Of course because of the high population in both countries you will not explore all the cultures but the most prominent cultures you encounter or cultures you should ensure to meet include the Maasai, Kikuyu and luo in Kenya. In Uganda the Batwa People , Ik,  Karamongs and Bakonjo.

Tours to any of these people communities will help you appreciate the beauty of these cultures and the people. You get to participate in their day to day activities which may include food sowing or harvesting depending on the season, traditional activities like dance, song, storytelling etc.

If you don’t tour the regions with the people communities mentioned above, you can have cuisines from these people communities in the cities of these countries.

Kenya Uganda safari what should expect
Buhoma Cultural Tours


Breathtaking sceneries will be unceasing, every step and moment of the safari you enjoy beautiful sceneries of landscapes, natural features, flora and many others. These may include hills, mountains, vegetation, water bodies etc. Each country has most of these unique features and more, just be expectant.

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