Kibale National Park – Mt Rwenzori Safari : Going on safaris is a mesmerizing experience, you get to see the wildlife and flora in their normal and best form, not just from pictures and videos captured by others; but from reality.

Well because going for safaris is an exciting thing people are always online and on media platforms searching for the best safaris they should take or be a part. As you search for that perfect safaris, you will have suggestions come at you and one of the many suggestions that come at you is the Kibale National Park- Mt. Rwenzori Safari.

Kibale National Park – Mt Rwenzori Safari
Mount Rwenzori

The Kibale National Park – Mt Rwenzori Safari is a combined safari to two great destinations in western Uganda that Kibale National Park the primate capital and Mt. Rwenzori – one of the highest mountains in Africa and East Africa.

On this safari you have the opportunity to explore the magnificent Kibale rain forest in Kibale National Park and then conquer the highest summit on Mt. Rwenzori – Mt. Stanley. You also get a chance to visit the beautiful tourism city of Fort portal. When if you have booked this safari and wondering what exactly this safari will entail, here is a breakdown of the safari.

What to see

Of course the reason you look forward to any safari, it the things you hope to see while you are at the safari. On this safari you will see a lot of things that include but not limited to chimpanzees, a wide array of bird species, an assortment of tree species, swamps and other things in Kibale National Park.

The other side on the Rwenzori mountain, you will see animals on the slopes – animals like bush elephants, antelopes, zebras, topis and others. You will also see numerous bird species, amazing landscapes, glaciers, crater lakes, snow and other things.

Also being that you pass through fort portal city to get to Kibale National Park, you may also get a chance to see the king’s palace and interact with the locals in the city Centre.


The activities you get to do on this safari will include:-

You can choose to do or some of the activities depending on your preference, time you have on the safari and the money you have.


The duration of this safari will purely depend on your preference to do some or all the activities listed above. If you plan to do all the activities this safari may go on for about 13 days. But if you choose to do a few of the activities and choose to trek up to the Mt. Rwenzori summit the safari may take up 10 days. However if you are hiking Mt. Rwenzori and not reaching the top most summit the safari can be as short as 5 to 6 days.

So basically the duration comes back to you.

If you are not sure of the decision you want to make concerning the duration of the safari, you can contact your tour operator for advice and guidance.

Kibale National Park – Mt Rwenzori Safari
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How to get to both destinations

If you doing this safari as a combined one, you will most definitely first visit Kibale National Park and you access Kibale from fort portal city. So you will move from Kampala to fort portal and from fort portal to Kibale National Park.

Going to Mt. Rwenzori, from Kibale you will move back to fort portal and from there connect to Kasese where you will go to mt. Rwenzori.

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