Kitagata hot springs are located in natural hot springs in the western region of Uganda. The springs are believed to have natural healing powers, which the locals trust in.

The hot springs are located on Ishaka-Kagamaba road, in Sheema County in Sheema district of western part of Uganda. The park is approximately 2 kilometers by use of road transport, southeast part of Kitagata, one of the urban centers in the district. The location lies approximately 62 kilometers by road, west of Mbarara, the largest city in the region of west part of Uganda.

The Kitagata hot springs are 0040.42s and 30 in the east.

The two hot springs adjacent to each other and according to the locals ,one of the springs used  by former Omugabe and is known as Ekyomugabe.

The spring is believed to have many healing powers and is known as Mulago after Uganda which is the largest National Referral Hospital, some locals drink the water.

On arrival to the site one will notice naked people showering at the hot springs in warm waters of Kitagata   Mulago, one is believe to posse healing powers. The people bath in waters of Kitagata  Mulago, which is twenty four hour period. The water in the springs can warm up to 80Oc.

The road to the hot springs is marrum it’s located near the large swamp. The scenery to the site if breath taking with conical hills which is characterized with beautiful green vegetation of trees and grass.

During the rainy season, River Ngaromwenda, the river that supplied water to the spring’s floods thereby causing the Kitagata springs which are warm all the time.


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