Lake Bunyonyi is located in the western part of Uganda; Bunyonyi is derived from a local word which means many a place of many words. The area has many birds, islands.

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the deepest crate lakes in Africa.

Lake Bunyonyi is away to get around on water tour .Have a boat ride around and visit islands, take different places where one can relax and have an amazing views of the volcanoes national park.

Lake Bunyonyi has over 29 islands to visit, Batwa and their  culture show to visit their wonderful life style .Visit the village homes  learn their day to day life of eating, treat each other, dance and drama and many more.


The water from the lake is clean and free from bilharzias however one is not advised to drink it unless boiled. There restaurants that offer drinks.

Experince the making of local sorghum such as Amarwa, obushera, local banana wine and many  more.


There are number of accommodations including Itambira island, the Byoona  Amagara which is located at Itambira island is one of the most amazing places to stay in, with amazing views.

Byoona Amagara, Itambira Island, is one of the top places to stay in at Lake Bunyonyi, the area has a private accommodation with a balcony having views of the islands and hillsides. Book your accommodations at Byoona Amagara deluxe and dormitory options.

Arcadia cottages

The cottage has 12 rooms in two rows, all lake view. The lower front row cottages with grass thatched roof, there hot water and electricity.

Africa Explorer Eco village, Africa explorer Eco village, the islands in this area offer amazing views of Virunga Mountains bordering Congo and Rwanda. The accommodation is in form of African huts, solar with hot and cold waters.

Lake Bunyonyi is very magical which is amazing and stunning, Lake Bunyonyi should be one of the lakes to experience in your life time. When one ends the safari on their way   from Bwindi Impenetrable national park.

Visit Bunyonyi as your perfect place to relax and chill out, canoe, swimming, boat cruise, hiking, biking, birding, village and nature walks.

Lake Bunyonyi has amazing sceneries to view.


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