Lake Ihema , feeds a number of lakes that include lake Ihema, its located at an altitude of 1,295 which is above the sea level.


The lake is the biggest in the park covering an area of 90 km2; the depth varies from 5 to 7m which depends on the area, times and seasons.

The lake is a habitat to a number of fish species, a home to hippopotamus and crocodiles, a number of bird species to over 550 bird species these include endemic species, Shoebill stork the most favored  bird by tourists ,gonolek, Herons, Kingfishers, jacanas, Ibises  and many more.

At lake Ihema, one can enjoy a boat trip and see magnificent sceneries especially tourist who visit the Akagera National park, it’s a wonderful moment where one encounters with several animal species in large seasonal and perennial papyrus; wetlands are important habitats protecting the animals within the park.

Fishing is also another activity to encounter however it has to be arranged and allowed for those interested, inorder to get ready the equipment in order to be permitted for the activity, tilapias are the common fishes within the lake.



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