How many people are allowed to track Gorilla family, Gorillas can be found in only three countries in the whole world these include Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republican of Congo. In Uganda Mountain Gorillas are inhabited in Bwindi impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga national park, a maximum of 8 people is allowed to trek each Gorilla family.

There 15 Gorilla families one can trek in Bwindi impenetrable National park. There is also habituation takes place for one hour, Gorilla habituation is a process of trekking and training or mountain Gorillas to live close to human beings, the process takes four hours in a day.

The habituation experience takes place in the southern Area of Bwindi impenetrable in the Rushaga sector-Nkuringo sector. Gorilla habituation only a maximum of 4 visitors are allowed for each group To  trek  gorillas one is given  30 minutes to 7 hours this depends   on the where bouts of the Gorillas remember these are wildlife meaning they cannot stay in one place.

Tourists are grouped in a number of eight for a group, your given 1 hour to spend with the  Mountain Gorillas, after spend one hour for a picnic party ,then return to the park headquarters for a gorilla ceremony.

Mgahinga Gorilla Park has over 80 plus Gorillas and one habituation Gorilla family; the Gorilla group in Mgahinga is called Nyakezi family. There over 104 Gorilla permits in Uganda.

There four sectors of Bwindi forest fore mountain Gorillas can be located with their Gorilla families, the sectors include Rushaga ,Ruhijah, Buhoma and Nkuringo.

Picking the habituation Group, the habituation is done on a day of trekking the mountain Gorillas the driver/guide will drive you for the early morning briefing.

There 3 habituated Gorilla families in Buhoma sector, this sector was established in the 1991, the area has the most infrastructures that includes lodges, hospitals, tourist activities such as village walk, Batwa trails, biking and many more.

Ruhija sector

The sector has three habituated Gorilla families; the area has a number of lodging choices from budget, midrange and luxury. There other activities to encounter including Batwa trails, community walk, falls trails and many more.

Rushaga Gorilla group

Rushaga is one of the best sectors of Bwindi impenetrable, since one can easily access the park from Kigali Rwanda.

The park has five habituated Gorilla families, there a number of activities to encounter including trekking, birding, falls trail, Batwa trails, community walk and many more.

Nkuringo sector

Trekking the Nkuringo Gorilla family needs more of energy and stamina; it’s one of the toughest trek in Bwindi one needs to be very physically fit. However there is no one who complains of being exhausted. There is history of a 94 year old woman who trekked and fulfilled the lifelong dream of the wild Gorillas. The sector has one family.

Nyakagezi Gorilla group

This family is the only one in Mgahinga Gorilla Park, it’s the only habituated Gorilla family, with over 80 mountain Gorillas


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