Monuments in Uganda  : Uganda is one of the countries that have truly gone through a lot of mischievous situations right from the time when it had not yet gained its independence; Uganda was declared an independent country in the 1962 on the 9th October. Uganda gains a lot of historical mysteries both painful and joyous moments as scripted in the history book of Uganda.

But in this article Uganda safari gets the privilege to bring to you some upheld monuments that signify different moments in the past history of Uganda, just like other countries the most delightful way to celebrate historical events in the country is by commemorate such events through establishing monuments.

Educational, tourism and memorial purposes are the major uses of these monuments just like one wise man said that history can only be told to the future generations easily through the crafted monuments in the country.

Therefore on your Uganda safari get a quick stopover at some or better all the monuments in Uganda and get to understand the history attached to them, find it interesting to get to know more about the joyous and sad history surrounding Uganda as you get a simple study about the monuments.

For every monument established has great history attached to it for you to understand on your Uganda safari in the land of peace, below are the Uganda monuments as listed down for you by Achieve global safari.

The Stride Monument

When you’re looking for the most expensive monument in Uganda doesn’t allow your eyes skip this the stride monument is the most current expensive monument in the republic of Uganda.

This monument has a total cost of over 150 million invested in its establishment, located amidst Kampala Serena hotel and parliamentary gardens; the initiating of this monument was spare head by a group of 11 sculptors professionals overlooked by Professor George kyeyune.

The statue contains a father, mother and child in an assemblage moving forward representing togetherness in the common wealth like a family.

The Independence Monument

9th, October 1962 is  a date that is memorized in the republic of Uganda each and every year in as a sign of jubilating the day Uganda gained her independence and freedom.

The independence monument was established with a theme of remembering the day Uganda was set free from being a British protectorate, this monument is one of the most treasured monuments in the country and it is well located just opposite standard chartered bank and so close to Sheraton gardens.

this monument is made up of a man unwrapping his kid and raising it so high to get hold of the sky signifying a new born country which has just been set free from bondage, this precious monument was built up by Gregory maloba.

The Centenary Monument

Stretching up to 6 feet this monument was built in the commemoration of Kampala city councils centenary celebration, this monument is found along jinja road in Kampala in the centenary park the statue was designed by an artist from Makerere University by the names of katende Sylvia.

Sir Edward Mutesa 1 Monument

This one of the other important monument in the country and towards the Buganda kingdom, well this is another most expensive monument in the country it was set up in memories of the lake kabaka muteesa 1 and to also appreciate him for the great efforts he engaged in development of Buganda kingdom and independence of Uganda which turned him to be the first president of Uganda

 Monuments in Uganda
Sir Edward Mutesa 1 Monument

This monument was unveiled and launched by the president of Uganda his Excellency yoweri kaguta museveni at is point of station which is at the junction of speke road and Nile Avenue.

The Statue of Leadership

The construction of this sculpture was funded by the Electricity body and National Water, uncovered in 2002 in commemoration of the Buganda Sir Apollo Kaggwa the Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom from 1890 – 1926. This monument is found at amber streets in Kampala, and this was built for the reason that disconcerted and brawled for the postponement of clean water and electricity to Buganda kingdom at a time when it was desirable most yet many had not documented about this great man.

World War Memorial Monument

To start with this among the monuments that are a printed on the Ugandan currency, the world war monument was built in memories of the Second World War.

Being funded by the British colonial government the monument was able to be established on Kampala road next to Kampala central police station in Kampala and this was built to commemorate the Ugandan fighters who lost their lives in the world war.

Education Monuments

Some of the educational monuments in Uganda include the hatching a new generation which is at the front gate of Makerere University and the other is located in kyambogo university these monuments depict various meaningful occasions and many historical stories.

these monuments do not only serve educational memorial points but also attract tourist to visit and see them plus learn more about the and their different history and these with all the rest of the monuments one is is in the position to get to understand the hidden histories in Uganda

Thus a Kampala safari is so very important to anyone who might be interested in learning more about these monuments in Uganda and also get the chance to explore even deeper in Uganda’s history through a tour with Achieve Global safaris

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