Mount Karisimbi, is an inactive volcano in the Virunga Mountains on the border between Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Mount Karisimbi is the highest of the eight major mountains of the mountain range, its part of Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift.


Karisimbi is nearby Mikeno to the north, Bisoke is at the east and Nyiragongo to the west, this is on the side of the Rift valley. The mountain is regarded as the 11th highest mountain of Africa.

Karisimbi is a local word in Kinyarwanda derived from the word ‘Amasimbi’ which means snow; it’s found in dry season these ranging from June, July and August.

Karisimbi and Bisoke’s name was used in creating the word Karisoke Research center, which was funded by Dian Fossey in order to observe the Mountain Gorillas living in the area.

There activities at Karisimbi Mount these include

Hiking takes over two days that depend on to the tourists’ physical fitness, the sceneries are breathtaking and thrilling.

The Tourists spend an overnight with in the forest peaks, but climbing from Bisoke side it takes about one to two hours.

Mount Karisimbi is volcanic Ash and loose rock, when you visit the top you can be able see Mount Muhabira, this borders Rwanda and Uganda.

The first man to climb Mount Karisimbi was Barthelme in 1903.

The first time to climb  Mount Karismbi run from January to March and July October.

Mount Karismbi has over 270 species of birds these chatter from the slopes to the summit, as you climb; walk through the muddy areas as you hike experience the hikers as it can get muddy at times due to rain seasons.

Start the hike at the edge of volcanoes National Park or Mount Bisoke ,the views are amazing at a distance your eyes will be able to cross the border to Rwanda and Congo.

Tourists on a hike consult the tour operator in charge of your tour to get all the required arrangements of hiking the mountain. Meet at the park headquarters at Kanigi and tourists where they request for the porter to carry on their belongings as they hike.

Tourists will experience memorable moments as they trek the mountain Gorillas at volcanoes National Park, is famous for mountain Gorillas and other primates.

Spot the various plant species at mount Karisimbi, visit the research center where the grave of Gorilla conservationist is found. Access Mount Karisimbi from Congo, Rwanda and Uganda at any of the borders.


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