Why are mountain gorilla endangered?

Why are Mountain Gorillas endangered, Mountain Gorillas are considered endangered species, they are the largest primates sharing 98% DNA with human beings.

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Mountain Gorillas are found in the forest of Africa only in three countries Uganda, Democratic Republican of Congo and Rwanda. It’s very amazing to discover the giants of the jungle.u

Giants of the Forest

Trekking the Mountain Gorillas is quite tiresome; the trek takes a maximum of 30 minutes -7 hours getting tired, hiking through the muddy, slippery and dark forest you get so tired and sweat. Identify swarm around you, you might feel like giving up, the rangers believe your almost there, you have to keep carrying on.

Why are mountain gorilla endangered?

Finally you face the Mountain Gorillas face to face for one hour the time spent getting tired and sweating in the trails will extremely disappear hence you be filled with the joy  of facing the primate Gorillas the few left in the word, watch them as they feed, play, groom each other and many more.

Gorillas are endangered due to their small population hence becoming extinct. Mountain Gorillas live in groups of 6-12 gorillas the oldest Gorilla is called the silverback which is the leader of the family. The silverback is the one who decides for the family where they feed; build their next and many more.

Gorillas are herbivores; they feed on plants, leaves, stems, roots, vines, herbs, trees, grass, fruit.

The food is low in nutrition; male Gorillas feed on more than 40 Ibs.


Gorillas are shy creatures, scientists always disagree on the facts that the number of Gorillas has decreased.



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