Mountain gorilla safari in summer

Mountain gorilla safari in summer : May is quickly passing and before we know it will be summer time, time for the sun to come out full blown and the weather just beautiful for all things adventure and fun. Summer is the time we all go out of our houses to experience the beauty of the outside.

Summer is also the time we take on adventures because the weather is friendly and everything is right for the adventure. Most people during summer will go for safaris to enjoy the wild creatures in the different wild parks and all the other features and elements that come with the safari. However did you know that one of the best safaris to have during summer is the mountain gorilla safari?

Mountain gorilla safaris are exclusive safaris that give you the opportunity to experience the famous and endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. The safari also gives a chance to explore nature and challenge yourself to a climb as you trek to the mountain gorilla location.

The best part about it is that the mountain gorilla safaris are even more than just fun safaris they are purposefully for conservation, so as you take on the safari you’re actually contributing to a noble cause of conserving the endangered mountain gorillas.

So what do you need for a mountain gorilla safari in summer?

The mountain gorilla safari in summer is no different from the regular mountain gorilla safari, just that in summer the trekking is easier and you have the chance to do more than just trek. The weather is on your side so you take advantage of it to enjoy everything that comes with the safari.

So, if you are interested in the safari, one you will have to book or acquire mountain gorilla trekking permits directly through the Uganda wildlife authority and using a tour operator who can easily get you the permits. Each mountain gorilla permit costs USD 700 but there are seasons of discounts where you can get the permit at half price – You should check with your tour operator for more details on that.

After acquiring or booking the mountain gorilla trekking permit, you will then organise to make it to Uganda on the given dates to take you your mountain gorilla trekking adventure; there are several travel agents that can advise you on the travel to Uganda so that you get the best deals and the best experience travelling to Uganda.

Mountain gorilla safari in summer
Mountain gorilla safari in summer

Once you are in Uganda you will then head to either Bwindi National Park or Mgahinga National Park where you will have your mountain gorilla trekking experience.

Mountain gorilla trekking is a whole day experience, so you will be up by 6am, prepare yourself, have breakfast and then head to the park offices for a debrief on the mountain gorilla trekking experience. After the brief you will then head to the forest to find the mountain gorillas. You will spend about 3 to 4 hours going up the mountainous forest and when you find the mountain gorillas you will spend an hour with them. After the one hour you will then descend the mountainous forest which will be about 2 to 3 hours; bringing the total hours of the trek to about 6 to 7 or more depending on how deep into the forest the mountain gorilla were.

Usually you’re done with the trekking experience by the early afternoon, so the rest of the afternoon is free; you can choose what to do with your time. Since its summer we advise that you take advantage of the good weather and explore the park’s surrounding areas. You can use your time to have community tours, nature walks, mountain biking, cycling and many more. These are activities you can only do in summer hence the beauty of a mountain gorilla safari in summer.

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