Mountain Gorilla Trekking During this 42 day lockdown

Mountain Gorilla Trekking During this 42 day lockdown : As the nation continues to manage the current surge in covid19 cases the Ugandan President on the 18th of June 2021 declared a total lockdown for 42 days. Though the Lockdown affects most of the economic sectors in the country, it doesn’t affect the tourism sector and all its safari activities.

During the address where he declared the lockdown the president of Uganda, stated that the country was still open for tourist and that all the tourism stakeholders should continue operation with strict observation of the Standard operating procedures.

This means that you can still visit the pearl of Africa and enjoy several safari adventures including the famous mountain gorilla trekking experience.

YES! You heard right, you can still trek the mountain gorilla even in this season of the 42 lockdown. This article we give you a couple of guidelines to follow for a successful mountain gorilla trekking experience during this season.

  1. Book your mountain gorilla trekking permit in advance

First, only a limited number of people can see the mountain gorillas at a time so you need to book in advance for you to get a slot to see the gorillas. But secondly in this season for you to be admitted into the country, you need to have proof of a safari booking; you can use your trekking permit as proof of a safari booking.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking During this 42 day lockdown
Mountain Gorilla Trekking During this 42 day lockdown
  1. Covid-19 Negative Test

The world is still fighting the covid-19 pandemic, so for you to have admission into the country, you will need to have a negative PCR covid-19 test at least done 48 hours before you arrive in Uganda. Even if you are vaccinated you will need a negative PCR covid-19 test to be admitted into the country.

Furthermore, since mountain gorillas can easily catch a disease from humans, we need to protect them the coronavirus hence you need to have a negative PCR covid-19 to see them.

  1. Staying safe in transit

Especially if you have come through Entebbe International Airport, you will have a road journey of about 9 to 10 hours to reach the mountain gorilla parks. Therefore it’s important for you to stay safe from the covid-19 virus even as you travel to the mountain gorilla parks. The best way you can stay safe is by observing the WHO and MOH recommended SOPs and also using a registered tour operator to transport you from the airport to the mountain gorilla parks. Using a registered tour operator will reduce your chances of interacting with other people hence reduce the chances of infection. It’s also a more organized and convenient way to travel to the mountain gorilla parks.

  1. Standard operating procedures

On your mountain gorilla trekking safari, you should make you observe all the WHO and Ministry of Health recommended standard operating procedures for the gorillas’ safety, your safety and the other tour stakeholder’s safety.

These Sops mainly include: – putting on your mask when in public, sanitizing your hands or washing your hands we soap regularly, maintaining at least a 2 meter social distance between you and others.

  1. Mountain gorilla trekking Rules

On top of the Covid-19 sops, you will be required to observe the mountain gorilla trekking rules on your trek; in order to have a smooth and worthwhile experience. These trekking rules are usually communicated to you at the briefing before you head into the forest for the trekking experience. They include but not limited to keeping a 7 meter distance between you and gorilla, avoiding eye contact with the gorilla, not using flash photography, not feeding the gorillas, following the gorilla ranger’s lead at all times and respecting the one hour time block given to you to see the gorillas et cetera.

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