Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills one of East Africa’s countries known for its beautiful scenery, most especially the dominating highlands that give a touch of a beautiful story. The county’s capital is called Kigali. Mount Kigali derived from the city’s name is located southwest of the city center. The ridge that runs from North to South is part of the eye-catching sites in the Kigali city while on Kigali City Tours. The capital of Rwanda, that’s situated between Mount Kigali and mountain Jali.

Mount Kigali isn’t necessarily a mountain because of its height at 1,579 metres above sea level which isn’t tall enough to be quantified as a mountain. The numerous hills that join from it give a very beautiful scenery making a major landmark in Kigali City, which is reportedly Africa’s cleanest city.

Mountain Kigali
Hiking Mountain Kigali

Human settlements dominate the area for example the Nyamirambo village homesteads on your way uphill , making the mountain remotely wild. Going closer in the hike are the remarkably amazing attractions from its sight view melts your heart; view of the presidential palace, Kigali genocide memorial museum, hotel des mille Collins, nyamirambo Muslim quarters are a few to mention waiting for you to view. And that’s not all, it’s also a footing for so many different activities constituting to its travelers in terms of rich sight glimpsing, and the fun that’s immensely captivating to a soul, searching for a great venture and a great spot for creating memories as an individual or your beloved ones. Mountain Kigali is also a spiritual place where the locals tend to go and ask for spiritual needs. There is a pool of activities lined up for the tourists that pay a visit. Activities ranging from hiking to biking and cycling, horse riding.   Hiking in mountain Kigali is one of the most popular activities around this long mount in the city capital. It can be challenging but worth it at the end. The tough roads leading to beautiful mind-blowing activity make the memories even more incredible. Make sure to take the opportunity to enjoy the great adventure of hiking in the highest mount or hill in Kigali. The hike has its genesis at Nyamirambo part of the town and stretches further north to the other neighborhoods of Kigali which makes many access points for this walk, but you can start this walk in Biryogo around the green mosque and nyamirambo women’s center, taking roughly an hour uphill to the Kigali stadium. Your speed depends entirely on your energy.

Mountain Kigali
Horse Back Riding

It may take you all morning and afternoon to reach the top. Upon reaching Kigali stadium where it is a bit more active with many shops and local bars. The restaurants along the path, Nyamirambo can be your ending point with a cool refreshing sip on a cold local beverage or ice-cream from an ice-cream parlor in Kubrom’s place. Mera Neza bar, where beer is the order of the day, and ibiryo, a traditional dish of the Rwanda natives, interesting mixture of potatoes and goat’s meat, Akabenz roasted pork, a taste of a Rwandese meal and brew. Hiking is a  strenuous sport and needs physically fit people but very rewarding at the end because it gives you the eagle-eye-catching views of the clean and developing Kigali city from the top. Also experiencing various attractions like the unique flora and small fauna adds more fuel to your journey through the desire empowered to you to reach the top with hopes of seeing a lot more at the top, hence relaxing you making you less tired Make sure to visit Fazenda Sangha horse riding school which is located just next to the mountain.  A walk away from the mountain, takes you to Fazenda Sengha horse riding school, but surprisingly there are few donkeys at the school, they have to carry food and water for the horses, in the school; you can host a picnic, carry-out filming and photography to make your time spent at school more memorable. you can learn horse riding, how to feed them and also gain some knowledge about horses depending on how much time you spend at the school. Horse riding on the Mount Kigali is one in many other lucrative activities. Given that there is a human settlement on the Mount, community encounters within the mountain are so common. The human settlement had reduced on its wilderness; though there’s still some wilderness. The existent wilderness habitats wild animals increases your encounter with gorillas promoting gorilla trekking, with the available trees, you are sure of a refreshing, cold breeze journey. The higher you go, the cooler it becomes remember

The well-defined routes up mount Kigali give room to those that want to sportbike up the hill. So you can get a taste of mountain biking and cycle in mount Kigali just make sure to visit mount

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