Mountains to hike in Uganda : Uganda the pearl of Africa is famous for have unmatchable beauty from nature, wildlife to landscape among others. However because the country is a primate and wildlife hub, most visitors to the country usually visit the country’s diverse national parks to experience the amazing wildlife and amazing flora. Though they are interested in Uganda hiking Tours or taking part in mountainous activities normally the visitors don’t, mostly because they don’t have the right information about the hiking and places to hike.

In this article we want to share with you some of the mountains you can hike in Uganda all year round but the best time is during the dry season. The mountains are:-

Mt. Rwenzori

The third highest mountain in Africa is a wonder to hike, it’s not only beautiful but is also an adventurous climb to take. Those who have taken part in this climb will testify that it’s tedious, stretching but unmatchably rewarding and refreshing.

Mountains to hike in Uganda
Hiking Mount Rwenzori 

Hiking Mt Rwenzori : Mount Rwenzori is found in western Uganda on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mountain’s highest summit Mt. Stanley stands at 5109m and it’s always has snow capped peaks all year round.

To take on this mountain you have to be physically fit and health enough to enough at least 8 days of the long hike. There are a number of trails travelers can take, the longest trail being the Central Circuit that takes you up to Margherita. Shorter trails include Mahoma loop and Kilembe trail.

Mountain Elgon

Located in Eastern Uganda on the border of Uganda and Kenya, this mountain stands tall at 4321m high.  Its highest peak is Wagagai. This mountain is known to have the largest caldera in the world measuring 50km by 80km.

A hike to the wagagai peak is one of the most challenging, fascinating and fulfilling. The mountain slopes have an assortment of flora that compliments your views as you climb up. On top of the flora the mountain also have water pools, caves and unique rock formation for your viewing.

When hiking you can opt for different trails depending on your fitness and desire. The trails are Piswa which is the gentler on and one for regular hikers, the Sasa trail for more experienced hikers it goes through the largest area of bamboo forest.

Mt Sabinyo, Mgahinga and Muhavura

All three mountains are found in south western Uganda in Mgahinga national park. These three apart of the 8 Virunga massif shared amongst the three countries which are Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Of the three the most hiked is Mt. Mgahinga followed by Sabinyo though Sabinyo is the hardest to hike. Muhavura is fair to climb but takes the longest time to climb.

Mt Sabinyo has footings in all the three countries well as Muhavura is in Rwanda and Uganda. Mgahinga is in Uganda standing between Muhavura and Sabinyo.

Mt Sabinyo has three peaks that are shaped like teeth hence the name Sabinyo translated “Old Man’s Teeth”.

Mt. Muhavura is famous for the small Crater Lake on the summit and the nice views at the top.

Mt. Mgahinga the easiest to climb, has Crater Lake at the summit too, but because it’s the shortest of the three and between the two it has the most sallow views.

Mountains to hike in Uganda
Mt Sabinyo

To hike all these mountains you really need to be fit, they may be shorter than the Rwenzori Mountain but they have some of the most rugged trails that are not so easy to navigate especially if you are an amateur.

The bonus of hiking one of these mountains is that you can actually encounter some of the mountain gorillas that make their home in Mgahinga National Park.

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