Murchison Falls N.P and Lake Mburo N.P – Which is better : Deciding in on which National Park to have your safari may put you in a tricky place especially when the parks in questions are all great with unique creatures and features. This is the case for Murchison Falls National Park and Lake Mburo National Park. People are always debating which park to go to on the two parks.

On the surface the park sound and look similar, both have numerous wildlife species, water bodies, located in western Uganda among other things. But even with those similarities, these parks are different and when visited each will offer you a different experience.

Well to help you decide which is better for you or which park you would like to go to according to your preferences here are some of the differences between these parks.

Murchison Falls N.P and Lake Mburo N.P – Which is better
Murchison Falls

Distance from Kampala

If you are considering the distance from Kampala to the Park, Lake Mburo National Park is about 2 to 3 hours from Kampala making it the nearest park to Kampala. If you set off at 7am you are mostly going to reach Lake Mburo National Park at 9am latest 10am.

On the other hand the distance from Kampala to Murchision Falls National Park is about 4 to 5 hours of travel. If you set off from Kampala at 7am you are most likely to get to Murchison Falls National Park at around 11am or 12pm.


When it comes to number of animals in total and number of species, Murchison Falls National Park definitely has more animals and more species boasting over 500 mammal species including four of the big five that is the lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo, the park also has other animals that include but not limited to Zebras, antelopes, warthogs, waterbucks, topis and many more.

Lake Mburo National Park is home to over 100 animal species with about 500 individuals or slight more living in the park. This is the smallest park in the country. The animal speices you will find in this park include but are not limited to hippos, zebras, giraffe, waterbucks, topis, impalas and others.

Other creatures

On top of harbouring animals both parks are homes to numerous bird species that include: – the black headed lapwing, long toed lapwing, blue-headed coucal, yellow-fronted tinkerbird, rock pratincole and many more.

Both parks have over 450 bird species so you will not be starved of birds in either park.

Water bodies

Both parks have water bodies; Lake Mburo National Park has the famous lake Mburo and Murchison Falls National Park has the Nile River passing through it. Both these water bodies are unique in their own ways. The beauty with the lake it’s refreshing and the waves are so calm. You will surely enjoy a boat ride on the lake Mburo. Plus on these boat rides you also get to see a number of water animals together with land animals. The boat rides are actually for clam and leisure.

Murchison Falls N.P and Lake Mburo N.P – Which is better
Boat rides in lake mburo

With the river Nile and the falls it’s all adventure all through. The boat rides on the Nile River take you down the river and it’s just an experience you have to experience on your own. If you are feeling quite adventurous you can also take on the top of the falls hike experience where you see the falls from the top, Murchison Falls N.P and Lake Mburo N.P – Which is better


Activities in Lake Mburo National Park include game drives, boat rides, birding, nature walks, horseback riding and community walks.

Activities in Murchison Falls National Park include game drives, boat rides, bird watching, and top of the falls hike, sport fishing and nature walks.

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