My safari planning check list : Planning a safari can be both an exciting and tiring experience. It’s exciting because you are planning to go to some of the most amazing places in the world to experience the wild in its fullest. Tiring because you have to get several things together for you to have a great safari; getting things together can be exhausting and stressful – sometimes it dampens the excitement for the safari.

In our opinion the best way to have a stress free safari planning process is to engage a tour operator. Tour operators are great at putting together all the details you need for a safari. They specialize in tours so they can really help you in having a stress free planning process.

That said, if you would like to plan for your safari personally, here is a guiding check list to help you in your planning adventure.


Your safari destination should be the first thing you choose when planning for a safari. Knowing your safari destination will help you understand what you need for the safari and what will be the best time to have the safari at that destination.

My safari planning check list
My safari planning check list

Besides a safari destination is the most important part of the safari, without a destination there is no safari.

Travel period

After you settle on the safari destination you will then get the best time to travel to that destination. Depending on your schedule, you will block out that time and make bookings at the destination accordingly.


The itinerary is a plan of things you will do while on your safari. Your itinerary will depends majorly on the country and safari destination. They give you the possibility of activities and things you can engage in while on your safari. Also the number of days you will be at your destination will have a huge influence on your itinerary thus you need to consider everything before settling on the best itinerary for your safari.

If you need help with developing an itinerary you can always work with a tour operator to come up with the best itinerary.

Safari gear

Your itinerary will inform your safari gear. This is because you get gear for the activities you are going to do. So after creating your itinerary, you will then gather you safari gear which will include but not limited to clothing, gargets, accessories and many more.


This generally means the documents that you will need for your safari. This includes personal identifications, vaccination certificates, travel documents and any other document that will benefit your travels and safari. You need to get these documents in order as soon as possible for you to have seamless travel experience.


When you have all the above information, and then plan your logistics. How you will get to your safari destination, how you will move around during your safari time, how you will get around the different places among other things.

Usually if you use a tour operator, they can sort out all your logistical needs during your safari time. Whether you have to self-drive or be driven, a tour operator will give you the best solution.

My safari planning check list
My safari planning check list

Accommodation and meals

On your safari you will need to eat and sleep, so even as you plan make sure you have a plan for accommodation and meals during your safari. You should keep in mind though that the safari destination and your safari budget will be a great determinant on when you sleep and eat during the  Uganda safari.

So be keen to consider all the aspects before settling down on a place.

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