New-born in Ruhija sector

New-born in Ruhija sector : Ruhija sector in Bwindi National Park got a new-born this week. The happy news was announced by Uganda Wildlife Authority in a social media that read “Birth in the Jungle! ADF Kanoel of Bitukura Gorilla group in Ruhija sector gave birth on 28/7/2021. This brings to 13 the number of group members. Mother and baby are in perfect condition.”

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Bwindi National Park is one of the two mountain gorilla parks in Uganda. The park is located in south-western Uganda is home to over 400 mountain gorillas, making it the home to almost half the mountain gorilla total population in the world. The park is divided into four sectors of which Ruhija is one of them.

Ruhija sector is situated in the eastern part of of Bwindi National Park and its home to four mountain gorilla families currently; which families are all habituated for mountain gorilla trekking activities. The mountain gorilla families in the sector are Oruzogo family, Mukiza family, Kyaguriro family and Bitikura family which got the new-born.

Mountain gorilla trekking happens all year round in Ruhija and the mountain gorilla trekking experience in this sector usually lasts 5 to 6 hours, one hour of the time spent with the mountain gorillas. Mountain gorilla trekking permits for this sector are purchased way in advance before the trekking experience from Uganda Wildlife Authority or through a tour operator. The mountain gorilla trekking permits for Ruhija cost USD 700.

Ruhija sector is one sector you should never miss on your trekking experience. The sector is very close to Buhoma sector and is also accessed through Kabale district like Buhoma. The terrains are rougher than those of Buhoma but not as rough as those in Nkuringo and Rushaga, so it’s safe to say that anyone can trek this sector, whether they are experienced or not.

New-born in Ruhija sector
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

This sector on top of being home to the endangered mountain gorillas, it’s also home to other primates like colobus monkeys, other mammals like bush antelopes, elephants, and a number of bird species.

Like for any other sector in Bwindi National Park, the main activity done in this sector is mountain gorilla trekking, which is done all year round in the sector. However the sector also offers other fun activities for its visitors, activities that include but not limited to primate walks to sight the colobus monkeys and other primates, bird watching to see the several bird species, hiking the sector terrains for fun and nature walks to enjoy the beautiful forest.

Also while at Ruhija you can top up your safari, with a visit lake Bunyonyi. The sector is not so far from this lake so you can always connect to the lake from the sector. Lake Bunyonyi is among the deepest lakes in East Africa and it’s endowed with several islands that greatly enhance the beauty of the lake. A visit to the lake is a relaxing venture and it allows you to enjoy the beauty of south western Uganda, the hills and islands in the region as you take in a cool breeze from the lake. The main activities done at this lake are canoe rides on the lake and zip lining.

To get to Ruhija from Kampala you go through Kabale town and the journey from Kampala to Ruhija is about 8 to 9 hours. From Rwanda the sector is 4 to 5 hours from the country’s capital Kigali. The sector is very close to the Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park, so if you are doing a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park, this is the best sector to visit.

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