Nyamirundi island Rwanda, is located near the town of Gisenyi at the western region of Rwanda.

The island is an ideal place for coffee growers as tourists   enjoy the amazing views of farm plantations that are displayed on the slopes of perched banana plantations.

Nyamirundi island is an area common now for tea planting of the world’s favorite drink which is also the largest  export of Rwanda ,its terrain is elevated by 1,500 meters above sea level, the tourists always plan their itineraries with tour operators  who are about to organize the tours for you.

Ingoboka  Coffee plantation is very warm  which welcomes ,willingly to interact  with tourists who are also engaged in learning  the process of coffee growing, enjoy lunch at Gisenyi the best choice.

The island can be accessed by a boat from Gisenyi to Nyamirundi Island exposing one to Lake Fauna and Flora, the island ensures the visit of Rwanda cooperative plantation which is Ingoboka.

Ingoboka he cooperation on the island has led to the improvement of the living standards of people who grow coffee.

There various ways to experience coffee process by engaging in tea picking of Coffee from the farms in order to take it to Gashashi, where the coffee is taken through twenty good steps before their roasted on fire. Of recent the coffee of Rwanda is on a high demand worldwide.

Tourists will have an opportunity to participate in recreational activities, including swimming at Lake Kivu, the lake is free from Bilharzias and has no hippopotamus.

Mountain Gorillas are the most tourist attractions in Rwanda however a coffee plantation is also another activity to encounter during your stay in Rwanda, the splendid rolling hills have proper soils that are favorite for coffee growing.

The harvesting season runs through February to May other months the farmland has always remained beautiful, combine your tour with Kinigi or Congo Nile trail.

There is a cruise at Lake Kivu which is the sixth largest lake in Africa and the largest in Rwanda, this thrilling moment where tourists also are also seen buying coffee at Nyamirundi Island for memories.

There are a number of accommodations ranging from budget midrange, luxurious.


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