Nyasimba hot springs, are taken to semuliki National Park, they go for the experience the hot springs.

Nyasimba hot springs is located in the western part of Uganda, bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo, the area is the less visited areas in Uganda .The Park includes East Africa’s only lowland tropical forest recognized for its rich birdlife. The park is known for two Sempaya hot springs this includes Bintente and one female called Nyasimbi.

The Bamaga clan’s folk lore, they believe the female ancestors live under Nyasimbi and their male ancestors under   Bintente.

Tourists are guided to walk within the park to see the hot springs, the female is dominated by geyser, and the geyser sprays water to a height of up 2 meters and male springs is pool of hot water.

The hot springs are beautiful in nature, with temperature of the water both springs reach 100oc which is known for cooking food in the springs. The visitors are able to boil eggs in the water.


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