Nyundo community  these were the first hand witness to climate change, the crops were cultivated on the steep slopes  of the hillsides that borders Bwindi impenetrable forest, noticing  erosion ,change the rain patterns  and disappearance of the forests characteristic mist, the crops started  failing ,The community conservation project ,the land that allows the forest to grow back, however currently the trees are grown, rain and the mist  have returned to Nyundo.

Residents live day by day in Nyundo learn the traditional skills such as millet-bread preparation, ghee, Yoghurt  making the craft  by visiting the traditional healers these are not witches however they use knowledge of the herbal trees to treat the sick, traditional births you will be surprised of this amazing encounter. Have a chance to visit the traditional Kigezi homesteads and local villagers.

Have an opportunity of hiking to the Congolese border to experience the spectacular scenery kings bath .Pass the blacksmith a local banana and waragi distillery ,beekeepers ,the cattle farms with sheep’s, goats and many more.

Nyundo community Eco Trails are sustainable agriculture, poaching this performs an income and incentive conservation forest.

For those who abandon their farms tourism is one of the other ways to conserve the local environment.

For everyone involved in Eco Trails the Nyundo Traditional skills, healers, farming, cultures and all that involved helps to promote and maintain the culture of the local people.

Nyundo Eco-trails are funds that are on site with adult programs maintained in a libery. Nyundo Eco-trails


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