Places to visit in Uganda 2022 : The country was named the pearl of Africa for very good reasons-Uganda has countless number of attractions. The hospitality of the Ugandan people is unmatched, the wildlife is a force to reckon with, the forests are nothing less than perfection and the culture is more than diverse. The pearl of Africa is in all her corners effortlessly beautiful. Here are some of the most benevolent places to visit while in Uganda on Uganda Safaris Tours.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Located in south western Uganda, 474.1 kilometers from Kampala, Bwindi is a home to over 400 mountain gorillas, a number more than half of the remaining gorillas of the world. This makes Bwindi a top travel destination in the country. In fact, thousands of tourists come to Bwindi to participate in the gorilla trekking activity each year.

While trekking gorillas, visitors are exposed to other primates like the L’hoest monkeys, about 360 bird species and 200 species of butterflies. No wonder Bwindi was named a UNESCO heritage site.

 Places to visit in Uganda 2022
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

Kibale National Park

Known for having the highest concentration of chimpanzees in the country, Kibale is one of the devoured tourism sites in the country. It is also one of the fondest research sites on the continent having people do research on the forest’s fish species, ecosystems, chimpanzees and other primates among others. The most recently discovered primate species is the dwarf galago taking the total number of primate species in Kibale from 12 to 13 out of the 20 found all around the country. Other primate species in Kibale include the olive baboon, red tail monkeys and the black and white colombus among others. The forest also boasts of over 375 bird species and a very beautiful scenery thus  Places to visit in Uganda 2022.


Known as the country’s capital by most people, Kampala is also the capital of Buganda, the biggest tribe of the land. Kampala’s vibrant life daily cannot go unnoticed- from the town traffic to the markets and beyond. The various attractions in the city make it spectacular. Visit the Kasubi tombs where fallen Buganda kings are buried, Ndere centre the hub of Ugandan culture, the Buganda headquarters in Mengo, the Rubaga and Namirembe cathedrals. Do not miss out on a tour to Owino market, the largest in East Africa for a real African feeling and a taste of the amazing street food.

National parks

Uganda has a total of 10 national parks making her one of the most sought-after safari destinations. Most of the 10 national parks harbour at least one of the big 4 apart from Mgahinga and Bwindi national parks. The other national parks include Murchison falls National park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park which is famous for the climbing lions, Lake Mburo National Park, Mountain Elgon National Park, Toro- Semiliki Wildlife Reserve and Rwenzori Mountains National Park the home of Mountain Rwenzori. Each of these parks gives a safari experience of a lifetime and whichever you choose to visit, just live in the moment.

 Jinja city

You cannot talk Uganda and not mention the adrenaline capital of East Africa. With her unique attractions and many activities to participate in, most tourists cannot resist the urge to visit Jinja when in Uganda. Most visitors are attracted to the source of the Nile on Lake Victoria. The Nile happens to be the world’s longest river starting in Jinja Uganda and ending in Egypt, pouring its waters into the Mediterranean Sea.

 Places to visit in Uganda 2022
Uganda Wildlife Safaris

If you love an adrenaline rush, activities like mountain biking, quad biking, kayaking, white water rafting and water tubing will absolutely take you to Jinja. Oh! Do not forget to taste the amazing chapati or rolex while you are there.

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