Planning for a Safari step by step : Are you taking a safari for the first time? Or are you one those who hasn’t travelled for a while and you are wondering where to start from in planning a safari. We are here to help you. Here is a step by step guide for planning a safari.

  1. Research

When you think or decide you want to go for that safari, you need to research about the safari, safari options, where you want to go, safaris available, best time for safaris etc. This information is readily available online so you can set aside sometime to browse and do your research. This website here is a good place to start – go on start on that research now.

  1. Consult a tour operator

Doing research is a great step in the right direction and on top of the research you need to engage with persons who specialise in safaris and coordinator safaris – the tour operators. When you have an idea of what you want its time to consult a tour operator. Tour operators, organise safari trips for people on a daily basis, so they know about safaris and can help you plan your trip to detail, so its really help to you to contact them.

  1. Book and Make reservations

If you have talked to a tour operator like Achieve Global Safaris chances are high you have gotten all the information you need for you to make a decision on that safari, now you can go ahead and book yourself that safari. The tour operator will tale you through the procedures of booking a safari.

  1. Get your travel documents in order

Now that you have booked your safari, its time to get your personal documents in order actually personal documents relevant to travel and travel documents of course, These documents, will help give you access to your destinations – the countries and the safari destinations.

  1. Get necessary vaccinations

In this day and era of COVID19, Monkey pox and other communicable diseases, different countries require you to be vaccinated against some diseases. So find out which vaccinations you need and get them in time before you get on that plane to your safari destination.

  1. Health Insurance and Travel Insurance

It’s just prudent that you have Health insurance to use in case of any health emergency. Travel insurance too is to be used in case of emergency or any unforeseen events you may encounter on your trip. So get them and travel with documentation to access them.

  1. Clear your calendar

Off clear your calendar to make room for the safari time, if you don’t clear your calendar, you may have conflicting commitments during the time of your safari. And you may either end up cancelling your safari or neglecting other commitments.

  1. Travel on the D- day and Enjoy your Safari

Travel to your safari destination on the D-day of your safari and enjoy your safari.

These are the eight steps you can follow in planning your safari but a tour operator can advise you on, so make sure you consult with your tour operator.

Big 5 Animals in Uganda
Big 5 Animals in Uganda

Now that you have the steps to planning a safari here are some safari suggestions you can consider for your forthcoming safari. They are mountain gorilla safaris, chimpanzee safaris, big five safaris, savannah wildlife safaris, birding safaris, hiking safaris, water safaris, adventure safaris, road trip safaris, community trips, nature trips and many more.

Countries you should consider to visit include but not limited to:- Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Tanzania. If you are up for beach fun you can also plan a visit to Zanzibar.

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