Popular Safari Activities in Uganda : Uganda is the pride of all tourists in the entire world filled with thousands of attractions to marvel at and view as you get to learn more about country and other fascinating sceneries in the country.

Uganda is one of the best countries where one could choose to visit while on safari in different destinations that are sacred in the country and also the beauty hidden deep in the attractions of Uganda.

Starting from the climate of Uganda to the different sceneries in the country Uganda is ranked and esteemed for its fascinating beauty that is hidden deep within and the different safari activities all awaiting for you to experience.

Uganda is also considered to be among the world’s top tourist destinations because it is has best places to go to while on your wildlife safari and hiking safaris and that is why in this article Achieve global safaris brings to you some of the most popular things in Uganda.

Uganda is a fantastic destination, which is surrounded with green lush vegetation, beautiful physical features, stunning water bodies, mountains, valleys, dense forests, tropical and montane forests that all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species and birds.

Join in on a journey as we take you through the most popular things in Uganda that you should not skip to try out while in the pearl of Africa and they are as these below;


Gorilla Trekking. 

Known to be the most famous safari activity in the pearl Africa, carrying thousands to come and have a glimpse of these excellent endangered spices in the pearl of Africa hence making gorilla trekking safaris the most famous safari activity in the country.

Gorilla trekking is always on a bucket list of almost all individuals who are on a safari in Uganda and this activity is famously carried out in the most popular national parks in Uganda and these; Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park, which are known for hosting large populations of Gorillas.

gorilla trekking is best done between months of June, July, August to December because it is during this period of time when less rainfalls are received and the ground is always dry which makes it easy for trekkers to have easy while on the safari.

Hiking to Mountain Rwenzori.

Mountain Ruwenzori is known as the mountain of the moons due to the snow that is always on the top of its peak and this has indeed made the mountain excellent for hiking and extremely popular in the pearl of Africa.

Located in the western region of the country mountain Ruwenzori is ranked to be Africa’s third highest peak and Uganda’s tallest peak elevated to over 5,109 meters above the sea level and covering about 100,000 hectares of land.

And hiking to Mount Rwenzori is another must do activity while on a safari in Uganda, this will give you thrills of real and true beauty of the surrounding areas as you are on top of the mountain plus allowing you other safari experiences as you know why this safari is popular in Uganda.

While you journey to this destination you get to sight so very many attractive and beautiful features such as; stunning waterfalls, fast flowing rivers, layered vegetation and many others.

Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Second largest national park in the country after Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park is among the most visited destinations the national park is famously known to be the only place in the country where tourists can see the tree climbing lions that are best spotted within the Ishasha sector.

Hence a visit to the destination is one of the fascinating safari activity you can get involved in as you get to know far more about the country and its beautiful popular destinations, Queen Elizabeth National Park is filled with marvel safari sceneries to sight as you know more about the country starting from the tree climbing lions relaxing and resting on big tree branches.

Not for getting other wildlife in the national park that can be spotted while trying out safari activities such as game drives in the national park under the guidance of well-trained safari guides as you learn more about the country and the national park at large.

Chimpanzee tracking.

Chimpanzee species which are best spotted within places like; Kyambura gorge, Kibale National Park which is located in the Southwestern region of the country and Budongo forest are yet some of the other popular species that can be sought for in the pearl of Africa.

Safari destinations in Uganda
Chimpanzees in Kibale

Chimpanzee tracking is famous and allows sightseers get involved in different forest experiences such as listening skills and also great tracking skills which are taught by the skilled chimpanzee trackers in the different destinations as mentioned above.

Crater lakes.

Uganda is popularly known to have around 50 beautiful crater lakes where tourists can visit as they get to sight the different wildlife that are found in the destinations some of these include; Lake Nkuruba, Lake Lyantonde, lake Nyabikere, Lake Nyinambuga, and Lake Kifuruka and so very many others.

These are some of the popular destinations in the pearl of Africa that one should not skip an eye on while they explore the country and its sacred points and with the help of Achieve global safaris one can be able to make bookings to the different destinations as they enjoy the countries numerous beauty allover.

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