Post lockdown safaris

Post lockdown safaris : As we continue to fight the covid-19 pandemic in Uganda, last week the government declared a pause on domestic tourism during the 42 day lockdown. This came as a heart break to many locals who had wanted to use this lock down to relish the beauty of the pearl of Africa; since the tourism sector is still operating in this season.

Well even with the heart break the encouragement is that after lockdown local tourists can still visit the different tourism sites in Uganda to enjoy the country’s beauty. Our advice to you it that you should use the lockdown period to plan for your safari after lockdown and to help you plan for your safari, here are the top 4 3 day safaris you can have after lockdown.  The advantage with 3 day safaris you can do them in 3 days especially over the weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

3 days Bwindi National Park

One of the top safaris you could have after the lockdown is the 3 days Bwindi National Park Safari. This safari will allow to trek the Bwindi impenetrable forest to see the famous mountain gorillas in the forest. It will also give you a chance to adventure the forest and enjoy the different aspects of forest climbing and walking.

Post lockdown safaris
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi National Park

Because its 3 days you can do this safari over the weekend, travel to Bwindi on Friday, have the mountain gorilla trekking on Saturday and then return to your home on Sunday.

3 days Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Uganda and is home to a variety of wild life and bird species. After lockdown you can decide to take a trip to this old park and enjoy the beauty of the park’s terrains, have game drives to see the several animals in the park, taking birding watching sprees, enjoy the breeze of nature on the Kazinga Channel as you take boat rides and have nature walks to take in the full beauty of the park.

You can do all this and much more in just 3 days at the park, so plan to visit this park after the lockdown.

3 days Kibale National Park

If you are a primate lover, on top of visiting the mountain gorillas in Bwindi National Park, you could also visit the chimpanzees at the primate capital in Kibale National Park. A trip to Kibale will give you a chance to trek the ancient Kibale forest in search for chimpanzees. It will also allow you to spend an hour with the chimpanzees enjoying them and watching them go about their day to day life. After the chimpanzee trekking experience you can also have a birding spree in the Bigodi swamps to relish the very many birds in the area.

Post lockdown safaris
Kibale Chimpanzees

As stated it’s a 3 day safari so you can do it over the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

3 days Murchison Falls National Park

If you are a water lover, you should definitely visit the Murchison Falls National Park in north western Uganda. This park is famous for the Murchison falls but is also home to over 200 animal species and about 450 bird species. On a visit to this park you get the chance to enjoy game drives and view the numerous animals in the park, have unforgettable boat rides on the Nile River, if you are adventurous have a top of the falls experience among other activities.

The park is also in close proxy with Budongo forest so you can actually have a chimpanzee trekking experience too on your visit to this park.

And you can do all this in just 3 days.

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