Processing Gorilla group family, happens on the day of trekking where by the trekkers are grouped depending on their physical fitness and ability since Bwindi forest is a rain forest with great steep slopes where one needs to be physically fit. A trek needs to express their ability and interest to locate the family mountain Gorillas.

Bwindi Impenetrable National park has four sectors including Rushaga, Nkuringo, Buhoma and Ruhijah. Gorilla’s permits are booked depending on the availability per region; the permits are booked according to Bwindi sectors.

While booking for a Gorilla permit you need to pay earlier three months in advance before your planned trip, since a lot of people fly into the country to encounter with these amazing giant mountain Gorillas once your done then your free to ask for the Gorilla family of your choice however as mentioned above the Gorilla family location depends on ones interests and physical fitness.

Each Gorilla group must have a maximum of 8 people therefore pay earlier in order not to miss out more so one must do physical fitness to be ready for the trek.

After booking your permit our Tour Company sends you scanned copies for your records. While booking give us the exactly date, months and year of your travel.

The reservations team is ready and willing to check for the availability of Gorilla permits on the specific dates of your interest. After payment the Uganda Wildlife Authority will guarantee your access to visit the mountain Gorillas in any sector of Bwindi impenetrable park. Send us your passport soft copy details its one of the requirements at the Uganda wildlife Authority.

We have all information you need concerning Gorilla trekking we update you regarding all you need and any developments taking place in the trekking areas of the Mountain Gorillas.

We give you full information and details all you need is to contact us for all your tour plans.


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