Pros of a lockdown safari

Pros of a lockdown safari  : Though the tourism industry is still operational in Uganda as the rest of the country is on a total lockdown, some people may still be sceptical on visiting the country during the lockdown. This is because they are wondering if there is any benefit of having a safari during a lockdown.

A lockdown for anyone may look like a stop or a hindrance to something good or even to downside to what might have been great. Well that may be true, but have you thought of the possibility of a lockdown actually presenting you with several upsides, upsides that actually override the bad?

A lockdown can actually have considerable pros and especially for a safari, it can present with some good pros that will give you a much more enjoy safari than you anticipated. Here is a list of some pros you can get from a lockdown safari.

1.Personalised Safaris

 During this season, you will have a chance to have a personalised safari tailor made for you and with safari persons attending only to you.

The guidelines of the lockdown, do not allow for group safaris or communal safaris which means all safaris have to be personalised with safari persons dedicated to serving one client at a time. They are personalised safaris allow for effective observation of the Sops and all covid-19 protocols.

2.Personalised Services

Of course since the safaris are personalised you will also have personalised services, everything will be fitted to you, your likes and preferences. Basically because the safari is tailor made to you services are suited to you and your liking.


You will be able to have a safari for less because the number of discounts currently available on the different tourism services and products.

Due to the lockdown few people are coming into the country, for that reason the Uganda Wildlife Authority and other tourism stakeholders have offered numerous discounts tourism services and products.

So you can take advantage of all this discounts.

4.No crowds

During this season since you will have a personalised safari, you will get to have a safari experience with no crowds, meaning you won’t have any obstructions as you see wild creatures and you will not be fighting for services with others. Also you won’t be queuing up for service or anything since you will have services tailor made to you.

Pros of a lockdown safari
Pros of a lockdown safari

5.Less traffic

Especially if you are having a safari in Kampala, this will be a huge bonus for you. you will drive through the city smoothly reaching your destination in time, without traffic exhaustion.

There is less traffic in the city because public transport and un authorised private vehicles were all banned for moving during this season.


Going to having a personalised safari, you will have your paramount privacy on your safari. Remember communal safaris are banned, so you most probably will be at a safari site with a few other tourists but because of the covid-19 sops you all have to keep apart, hence no one is encroaching on your space and your business.

This would be perfect for persons who are having a safari to rest and refresh.

8.No Time caps

With few people at the different safari locations, the safari activity schedules are not overbooked or even back to back, they have more free time. This means you can take as much time as you want on any safari activity, enjoying the experience more than you would on any ordinary day.

These are just a few of the pros of a lockdown safari and we assure you if you take a chance and have one, you will be so glad you did.

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