Qualities of a good safari tour guide : Safari tour guides are very important for us on our safaris, not only to help us get around to help us in understanding all the aspects of a safari, which understanding gives you the ability to enjoy the safari to the fullest in all aspects.

Safari tour guides are your point of contact during a safari, they are people that will help you execute your itinerary and they will be the people that will give you the information that you need or will ask for during the safari. They are also your link between you and the local community; they will introduce you to the communities and also help you integrate with the communities seamlessly.

The safari tour guides are the people who will give you explanations of the different aspects of the safari to help you internalize everything about the safari and you should. They will give you a heads up on what to expect and how to behavior where and when among others things.

So safari tour guides are important, but what makes a safari tour guide tick; what are the qualities of a good safari tour guide.

1.     Social and warm

A good safari tour guide should be social, warm and welcoming of people, of course the tour guide deals with people and people interactions, being social and warm and welcoming helps them to facilitate the people interactions well and effective for both parties.

2.     Good communicator

Good safari tour guides should know how to communicate clearly, precisely and nicely to the clients and other people involved in the safari. The guides are usually you mouth piece on the safari, so they should be able to communicate effectively to you and to the others on the safari.  

3.     Conversationalists

All safari tour guides, part of their job is to talk to you explaining different things, telling you about the safari, answering your questions among other things. The guides are also the people you are with the most when you are on the safari; so they will be people you are talking to. Hence it’s imperative that tour guides are great conversationalists who can keep the conversation flowing at all time and on all topics.

4.     Knowledgeable

Qualities of a good safari tour guide
Qualities of a good safari tour guide

A good safari tour guide should also be knowledge; first and most important about wildlife and the safaris, two about the country and the people, the different life issues, news making stories, and many things. It’s this knowledge that helps them to keep the conservations going and interesting or else they will have nothing to say to the clients.

5.     Good Navigator and driver  

In almost 80% of the times, the safari tour guide is also the driver and navigator of your entire safari. This means that for you to have a good experience that you will enjoy and love, your safari guide has to give you a good drive throughout your safari and be able to navigator well, not to keep you stuck in Jam or not to use bad routes when there are other alternatives.

Also good navigation means, using routes that will compliment your safari experience, routes with beautiful sceneries and other safari features.

6.     Be able to manage to expectations

A good safari tour guide should also be able to manage expectations of the clients at all time. A safari tour guide knows what’s where and how everything turns out at the different safari places so they should be able to tell the client what to expect in reality and not over promise. This helps to prepare the clients for the reality verses what they thought prior to coming for the safari.

7.     Balanced between adventurous and safety

A safari tour guide should also have a balance between adventurous, fun, cautious and safe. It’s imperative that a safari guide has that wildlife adventurous spirit it’s a catalyst for enjoying the safari and it makes it fun. However on the other side the guide has to ensure that caution is taken where necessary to keep everyone on the safari safe and protected. 

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