Questions about Gorilla trekking  

Questions about Gorilla Trekking

Questions about Gorilla Trekking are those key queries that travelers would love to know before they embark on a gorilla trekking Safari. Gorilla trekking is one of the biggest tourism activities done in Uganda, Rwanda, and DRC with each country registering about 50 people visiting the different parks daily for gorilla trekking and therefore travelers always have questions about Gorilla trekking. With that much traffic, tourist are always asking questions about gorilla trekking and here are some of the common questions asked.

What is the best attire for gorilla trekking?

Gorilla trekking dressing should be comfortable but also strong enough to endure different forest mishaps like thorns, tree branches sticking in your clothes, etc that you find along the trail. Also, beware of forest insect stings; it’s advisable that the clothing covers your whole day to avoid bad sting injuries. The shoes should be the type that can trek not sandals or the easy shoes that can easily get worn out from a long walk. Above all be comfortable clothing and shoes will be best for you. 

Are trekking sticks per of the gorilla permit fees?


No, trekking sticks are acquired privately by the tourist themselves.

Can I feed the gorillas with my snack?


No, this is not acceptable. Your snack is not good for the gorillas because it may contain some ingredients or carry some organisms that may affect the Gorilla’s well-being.

Do porters also need a gorilla trekking permit?


No, porters are part of the park so they don’t need gorilla trekking permits.

Who pays the porter fees?


Porter fees are paid by the tourist him/herself not the park, not the tour operator, not the wildlife authority.

What does a porter do?


A porter is an individual who helps you carry your belongings on a trek at a fee agreed on between you and him. In some cases, they can even carry you if you are not able to trek still at a cost.

What Happens, If we fail to make it to the park in time for trekking?


Unfortunately, if you get to the park later than the time you supposed to start gorilla trekking, you will not be able to trek. You will find when the ranger and the group has already gone into the forest to trek and it may be very had to catch up with them or find them. 

That will be a loss to you.

Can Children do Gorilla Trekking?


Children below the age of 15 are not allowed to trek.  Those who are 15 and above and are fit are okay to trek.

If I have health issues, can I still trek gorillas?


If you are sick before the gorilla trekking trip; you will not be allowed to trek. Sick people especially those with communicable diseases are not allowed to trek because they can easily pass on the illness to the gorillas.  In Uganda and D.R.Congo you will just lose your trekking permit money but in Rwanda, if you are sick before the trekking and cannot trek, you will be refunded half your gorilla trekking permit fees.

Other non-communicable health issues if not serious cannot stop you from trekking but you should know that trekking is a tedious activity and it can cause some strain especially if you are not fit.

How soon should one book a gorilla permit?


If you wish to go gorilla trekking in any of the three countries, it’s advisable to book your gorilla trekking permits, at least three months in advance. Mountain gorilla trekking is even on-demand in all the three countries especially during peak seasons; so to avoid disappointments you will need to book way in advance.

Can I use a Gorilla trekking permit of Bwindi Forest National Park in Mgahinga National Park?

No, the gorilla permits are given out to 8 or 10 people to one family per day, If the park has not assigned you a family to trek, you will not be able to have the gorilla trekking activity there.

If I book a gorilla permit from Uganda, but am in Kigali can I use it to trek in Rwanda?

No, you cannot use a Ugandan gorilla trekking permit to trek in Rwanda or a Rwandan gorilla trekking permit in Uganda. This is because the countries’ gorilla trekking permit prices, policies, arrangements, and governing laws/rules are different. Also, Gorilla trekking permits are issued to 8 or 10 people per gorilla family a day, so if you have not booked with the specific country; you will not be allocated a family to visit. 

This applies to the Democratic republic of Congo too and the Gorilla trekking permits in Congo

You cannot use a gorilla permit issued in country A in country B.

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