Reason visit to Rwanda in 2021

Reason visit to Rwanda in 2021 : Rwanda located in the East central part of Africa bordered by Uganda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. Rwanda is also known to be the land of a thousand hills with one of Africa’s most beautiful people in East Africa. Rwanda is a small country yet with rich savannah, landscapes, wildlife and cultural experiences.

Rwanda experienced a dynamic transformation since the tragic genocide that took place in 1994. Memorials are scattered throughout the country, but the people of Rwanda – the “Land of a Thousand Hills” do not let history control their destiny, and visitors have the opportunity to develop a deep appreciation for the growth and unity of the Rwandan people. Despite the previous tragedies of the genocide, Rwanda has economically grown through the years and below is the main reason for anyone to travel to Rwanda.

The Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes national park

The mountain gorillas found in Volcanoes national park are the main tourist attractions and the main reason for anyone to visit Rwanda. Thanks to the incredible work of Dian Fossey and other global conservationists, mountain gorillas have captured the hearts and minds of people around the world and seeing these creatures in the wild is your ultimate dream for any wildlife safari traveller. Rwanda is part of the three countries where we only find the mountain gorillas, the other 2 being Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Most travellers have developed a lot of passion for these amazing creatures and this also inspired the production of the famous movie called “Gorillas in the Mist” which describes the life of Dian Fossey who dedicated her entire life to save the gorillas and lived with the mountain gorillas in their habitant years before she was killed. The mountain gorillas are the most interesting things to see in Rwanda

The Big 5 game in Akagera national park

Akagera national park is the only wildlife national park offering a variety of animal species to see while on a Rwanda safari. After the re-introduction of the Black Rhinos into Akagera national park, there is enough adventure in the wild safari for a game viewing experience in Akagera national park. the big 5 game including Lions, Buffaloes, Elephants.

Leopards and Rhinos can all be spotted while on a game drive in Akagera national park. More wildlife in Akagera national park include; Zebras, Giraffes and different antelope species can be spotted while here. An early morning game drive through the park will give you high chances to spot most of the animals and offers great pictures to describe the perfect African Rwanda Safari. Helicopter tours by Akagera Aviation also available for visitors for a much more thrilling safari experience.

Hiking and trekking safari

Rwanda is one of the best destinations for visitors interested in hiking and trekking experiences. Both Nyungwe Forest and Volcanoes national park offer fascinating networks of trails that take you into some of the most breath taking landscapes in Africa.

No matter your fitness or experience level, you will be able to find trails that you can manage to hike and will exceed your expectations.

Mount Karisimbi in Volcanoes national park is the most challenging of the treks takes you to an elevation of 4,507 meters and it makes the highest peak of the 8 major volcanoes in the Virunga Mountains shared by the 3 countries of Uganda Rwanda and Congo.

It takes 2 days reach the summit and return from the hike. This two-day trek will challenge you physically and mentally while immersing you in the beauty of four distinct vegetation zones.

Rwanda visiting

Another hiking experience in Rwanda is on Mount Bisoke. This is the most visited mountain in Volcanoes national park – Rwanda. It takes about 6-7 hour to ascent and descend from the hike, hiking through the near agricultural fields, through forests, and near the Dian Fossey graveyard site before reaching the unexpected surprise of a crater lake at the summit.

Nyungwe forests given its nature of being a montane forest, visitors find it interesting to trek. There are network of trails through the park that offer everything from leisurely one-hour nature walks to 7 hours and multi-day outings for experienced hikers for  things like the immense beauty of towering trees, waterfalls, delightful primates, and colourful birds. The most challenging of all trails in Nyungwe forest is the Congo-Nile Divide trail, a pathway along two legendary rivers, where hikers can daydream about being an early explorer seeking the mysterious source of the Nile River. For a unique view of the rainforest, the Canopy Trail takes you to observation points above the treetops. Other trails in Nywunwe forest include; Karamba trail, Igishigishigi trail, Kamiranzovu trail, and Ngabwe trail. Simply imagine your ideal hiking and trekking holiday and Rwanda will deliver an experience like no other!

Rwanda Primates Safaris

Apart from Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda is the best destination to choose for a primates safari offering many other interesting primates species to delight visitors such as the chimpanzees, golden monkeys, blue monkeys, and black and white colobus. Chimpanzees and Colobus monkeys are trekked in Nyungwe national park while the Golden monkeys are trekked in Volcanoes national park.

Chimpanzee trekking starts very early in the morning in Nyungwe forest where the families of chimpanzees live in a natural habitat. These creatures are not habituated so the efforts to find them makes for a wondrous combination of adventure and mystery as you follow the keen leadership of a professional guide, learning the nuances of tracking and locating these fast-moving animals.

Each day the groups of chimpanzees move through the forest in search of food before finding a secluded place to build their nests and rest for the night. Fortunately, our guides are experts in locating the chimpanzees, so your chances of seeing them are very good.

The Golden monkeys are interest primate species that thrill visitors. They are colourful species that constantly scampers through the treetops, stopping only to dine upon fruits and leaves. The golden monkeys are found in the bamboo forests of Volcanoes national park as well as Gishwati-Mukura forest located in the north-western part of the Rwanda.

Another of the 14 primate species in Rwanda, many of which are endemic and endangered, are the black and white colobus monkeys that live in groups of over 300, the largest of their kind on the continent. Hikes through the deep African rainforest to find the colobus can be challenging for some guests.

During your primate treks, you may also come across blue monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, vervet monkeys, Dent’s monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, and red-tailed monkeys.

Kigali Capital City

Kigali city is one of the friendliest and most beautiful cities in Africa. Rwanda’s metropolitan ambience is a great complement to your time in the Rwandan bush country. The population of the city is young so you will find a diverse range of engaging activities blended with a bit of history and culture while in Kigali city. As Rwanda continues to emerge from a tragic past, Kigali city represents a thriving centre for business and economic development while maintaining its charming character.

Development has been well planned to preserve the natural contours of the surrounding hillsides. The city is divided into distinct districts, with one reserved for government and administrative buildings. In another district, the city center is surrounded by shops and markets.

In Kigali, a new treasure awaits around each corner as you travel the roads that wind through the city. You can learn about the country’s at the Kandt house which features three sections, each highlighting an aspect of Rwanda’s ecological resources. Geology lovers immensely enjoy the displays in the back section of the museum, dedicated entirely to the country’s volcanism and the astonishing volcanoes in northwest Rwanda.

Discover the country’s evolving artists at Inema Art centre, Ivuka Arts centre to watch artists make their creations Nuyo Art Gallery where you can learn about how art is helping street children in Rwanda, and perhaps make a donation to support the education, medical care, and daily basic needs of less-fortunate Rwandans

Rwanda 2020/2021

Never ending Landscapes

You will get to see a collection of endless views of landscapes while you visit Rwanda. You can experience this while on a road trip to one of the nearby provinces or to any destination. The green countryside’s are filled with terraced hillsides and farms. Agriculture is a huge economic activity and that is why coffee and tea are one of Rwanda’s largest exports. This is undoubtedly a place for anyone looking to have a peace of mind while on their Rwanda safari.

Rich Rwanda Culture

Rwanda is one of the countries in Africa with the best cultural encounter. After the terrible experience of the genocide in 1994, the tribes in Rwanda became united as one so all the people of Rwanda are called the Banyarwanda. Through unity, collaboration, and absolute dedication, the people of Rwanda take every measure to ensure that the fabric of their country is never again torn by genocide and other crimes against humanity.

Therefore the cultural tours are will provide visitor to participant in authentic cultural engagements with Rwandan people while ensuring the privacy and respect of the local people who need to maintain their cultural traditions. The cultural tour activities allow the local people to share their culture, arts, beliefs, and much more, while providing a source of income that supports education, medical care, and other valuable resources.

The dances and songs are just beautiful. The Ibyi wacu cultural village while in Musanze is one of the best places to visit for a cultural experience displaying Rwanda’s finest traditional dances and culture. The men wearing long weaves made from some uncommon material then jumping high up into the sky with a certain formula while the women are made to move in a slow-motion kind of dance, this is blended by the beating of drums, this only will be memorable once you visit Rwanda! During your visit to Nyungwe National Park, take some time to explore Banda Village, in the heart of the park, and Kitabi Cultural Village, on the eastern edge of the park.

With advance preparation, you can even stay overnight in the villages to see another side of day-to-day life here. Families traveling with older children always find the cultural activities in Rwanda to be educational and interesting for the loved ones. Imagine the delight on your children’s faces when someone from an exotic tribe shows them how to weave a basket, shoot a bow, or create a ceramic pot! There is a lot about Rwanda’s culture that would excite most travellers and the ‘Umuganda’ is also another common cultural practice that is done by almost everyone in Rwanda.

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