Relaxing activities on a safari : When on a safari, you should not just got for activities that exhaust you or give you the adrenaline rush. It’s good to take on or look out for some activities that can relax you, just allow you to enjoy you and the safari.

Please get us right by no means are we saying the other Uganda safari activities are bad, all we are saying her is that once in a while it’s good to relax your brain body and soul even when on a safari.

You may be wondering, how you can achieve that, you can achieve that by taking some relaxing activities during your safari. Here are some of the relaxing activities we think can help you achieve a relaxed mood on the safari.

Game drives

Game drives take you into the wild to see the wild animals and other creatures in the natural habitat. Usually on game people are upbeat trying to look for different animals, but when you take a game drive for relaxing we advise you sit tight and just enjoy the drive you will be shocked at how many animals you will see without even trying.

Relaxing activities on a safari
Relaxing activities on a safari

By sitting back and relaxing you’re achieving the goal of relaxing and also enjoying sights of animals and nature.

Boat rides

Boat rides like game drives allow you to see flora and fauna in the comfort of your boat seat. On the boat ride too, you taking fresh air from the water breeze, listening bird noises and waters rumbling, see water waves moving from one corner to another.

As you sit on the ride from the start to finish you will be amazed at the refreshment and relaxing the water bring but also as you relax your brain takes in information in a fresh perspective.

Nature walks

Nature walks are other activities that can relax your brain and your whole body. As you walk through forests landscapes, your eyes see nature in new perspectives and they take it in afresh. The calmness on the walking trails is just refreshing, seeing trees vegetation, hearing bird noises from afar and other sounds of nature, surely you cannot not be relaxed.


On picnics you go out to see at great locations in the middle of the wild to see and take in the nature at still position for a period of time while you eat and share moments with the person or people you are with. Snice you are still on picnics your body relaxes and rests. And the fact that you take picnics with the company of people you like, love or enjoy being around, you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Relaxing activities on a safari
Relaxing activities on a safari

These are some of the safari activities we fell can help you relax on your Uganda safari, they are done in most of the parks, but if you are not so certain if the park you want to visit  has the kind of activity consult with your tour consultant or tour operator for guidance and more information.

In Uganda and Rwanda if you visit any of these parks, we are sure they have all or one of the activities on the list. In Uganda Bwindi National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Kibale National Park and Kidepo  National park among others.In Rwanda Voclcaones National Park, Nyungwe National Park and Akagera National Park,

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