Road trip safaris in Uganda : Safari enthusiasts love being at safaris – just the experience of being in the wild and seeing animals is purely unmatchable for them. But on top of having the safari, what makes the experience even more beautiful is the travel to the Uganda safari experience. The journey that takes you to the land of the wild is another magnificent time to look forward to. On the way to the wild you will have the chance to see numerous sceneries of flora and communities plus day to day trade on the road side. Each road trip offers you different and unique sceneries and also takes you to different destinations.

It’s for that reason that we are highlighting some of the top road trip safaris you can take when you in Uganda.

Western Uganda road trip

The western Uganda road trip is one of the most sought after road trip safaris. Most people look forward to this road trip because of the amazing wildlife you get to see.

Among the numerous wildlife in the region, you will have a chance to spot lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, zebras, kobs, antelopes, giraffes among other animals. Not forgetting the rare and famous mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. On top of the wildlife you also get to see magnificent scenery and interact with the beauty people of western Uganda.

Road trip safaris in Uganda
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

The road to western Uganda has a lot of features and communities that will light up your trip including but not limited to the Equator, artifacts centers, local markets, igogongo museum, cattle communities and many other things.

The road trip destinations will include Bwindi National park, Ishasah sector in Queen Elizabeth National park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Kibale National Park and Mt. Rwenzori National Park.

The western road trip safari can take as short as 8 days and as long as 15 days or more depending on the destinations you visit  and the routes you take.

Eastern Uganda road trip

Eastern Uganda is known as the adventure capital so a road trip through eastern Uganda is more of an adventure activities trip than a Uganda wildlife viewing safari. Though you still get to see wildlife too, but what you will enjoy most will be bird watching, water activities on the Nile, mountain hiking and some game viewing.

The road to eastern Uganda like the one to western Uganda has a lot of features like rocks, forests, plantations, people communities and many more things.

The destinations on this road trip will include Mabira forest, The source of the Nile, Itanda Falls, Mbale city, Sipi Falls and Mt. Elgon National Park.

This safari may take as short as 10 days and as long as 18 days – if you choose to hike the famous mountain Elgon.

Northern Uganda road trip

The Northern Uganda road trip safari  will take you to five main destinations  which are Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, Karuma Falls, Aruu Falls, Kidepo National Park and Murchison Falls National park.

It may look like the shortest road trip of all but its actually the longest with some of the most amazing features.

This road trip gives you an overflow water sights with all the water falls on the trip, you will also get to see numerous wildlife like Lions, Rhinos, Elephants, leopards, buffaloes, cheetahs, giraffes and many more.

Road trip safaris in Uganda
Murchison falls N.P

You will also see birds and unique landscapes plus interact with beautiful people.

Of course like for the road trips above you will also enjoy beautiful views on the way to the destinations.

This road trip can take 12 to 17 days. Depending on how long you are staying at each destination.

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