Road vs Air safari : Going for a safari, is quite an exciting and fulfilling experience. It’s one we plan for, look forward to and when it happens, we really enjoy every moment. Among the many things that make a safari amazing Experience, is the ability to get around from one location to another seamlessly without a hustle or bustle, but that births the question of which transportation plan is best for a safari, road or air?

That’s a question we cannot ably answer but this is what we can do for you. In this article we are going to list all the aspects of each transport plan and from the descriptions we are sure you will make a choice on what appeals to you or what you find best for your safari plans.

Air transport

With air transport, you will use domestic air crafts to get around your different safari destinations. The aircrafts will be your main means of transport and complemented with a few drives here and there.

Here are some of the things you need to know about air transport.

  1. Fast

It’s the fastest means of transport so you are assured you will get to all your destinations in time or even before time. You will arrive fast.

  1. Comfortable

Using planes is more comfortable compared to road transport. Most especially because you don’t have to encounter bumpy roads, your just flying

  1. Aircraft and airstrips

Since its flying, there needs to be availability of air crafts and airstrips in the country of your safari, to allow you to have the air transport experience.  Usually some countries don’t have as many aircrafts and airstrips as one would need.

Road vs Air safari
Road Transport
  1. Aerial views

When you’re using air transport, will get the opportunity to enjoy aerial views of the country and safari destinations, which is a very unique experience.

  1. Less tiring

Though it’s still tiring, air transport is not as tiring as road transport.

  1. Cost

Air transport is more costly than any other transportation plan so when choosing it you need to be sure you can cover the full cost to avoid inconveniences.

  1. Crowd

Since air crafts are small and take a few people at a time, the air transport plan is usually less crowded making it cozy and exclusive, Road vs Air safari.

Road transport

With road transport you use vehicles on road infrastructure to get to and from your different safari destinations.

Here are some of the things you need to know about road transport.

  1. Affordable

This is the most cost effective transport plan on a Uganda safari, because it’s the most commonly used hence more people traffic making it affordable.

  1. Crowd

Though you have an option of private cars, most road transport plans are vans with other people, so if you are the person that likes company you’re in luck but if you are the person who likes cozy exclusive space, this is not for you, use the private car plan.

  1. Takes more time to arrive

Road transport is not necessarily slow; however you will take a longer time to arrive to your destination, compared to the person using air.

  1. Exhausting

If you are travelling long distances like 9 hours plus, road transport is really exhausting, you will be worn out from the travel even before you get to your safari destination.

  1. Road trip experience

Though long road transport gives you a road trip experience, you get the chance to see the different flora along the way, interact with people and communities at different stops among other things.

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