Rubuguri village walk is located at the borders of Bwindi Impenetrable National park a home to the world’s few left mountain Gorillas. The village can be reached by rustic road with steep hillsides; the small village is isolated with warm welcoming of inhabitants.

Village walk takes past a swamp of small homestead, have a chance to meet the local residents and learn about the life in Rubugiri its one best experience to encounter   away from home but feels like home, participate in craft demonstration.

Visit the local school in Rubuguri including St Peter’s Primary school where teachers and pupils, watch the regions and the amazing culture attraction, watch the Kikiga dance, experience their dancing skills as they make the earth shake these are joyful songs.

Rubuguri highlights

Get involved in a day to day activity, with amazing traditional homestead.

Watch the Rubuguri students as they leap into the air to perform the culture dance.

The Tour to Rubuguri village is under the Authority of Nkuringo cultural Centre (NCC) in Rubuguri, creating work opportunities for local people. Promoting tourism activities, the meat, honey and timber which is got from Bwindi impenetrable National Park.

Profits out of the village are shared between the site owners, NCC for community, community guides.

There are a lot of handcrafts that are sold at the nearby Wagtail Eco-Safari camp.

Ncc started with only four computers as an IT project run for up to 12 pupils with free cover basic costs.

There is a stage of building at a centre to allow cultural performances to take place by local people as well as to visit the nearby Batwa community.NCC purchased costumes for dance groups.

Guided walk

Bwindi impenetrable National Park is greatly one of the best National Parks in Uganda and Africa, the rain forest is a habitat to over 1000 mountain Gorillas the rare animals living in the forest with 95% DNA with human beings.


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