Rwagimba hot springs,is located in Kibito  sub country in Kabarole district. Rwagimba hot spring is found in River Rwimi separating the Kabarole and Kasese districts.


The historical sulphur hot springs were used by the King of Toro and his chiefs, he would be carried by his subject on the shoulders in order to spend days lying in warm waters and riding himself of wastes.

There are a number of locals who seek to cure their afflictions, heal their animals, bath in the hot springs, trek the hills and ranges of Rwenzori Mountains, shower in the hot springs, camp in the nearby pleasant settings and many.

The Rwagimba hot springs is mostly used for taking by local people for healing power.

Rwagimba hot springs is found on River Rwimi, the river separates Kasese and Kabarole districts in western part of Uganda. The area is very important as the King always visited the hot springs in order to spend days in a way of rejuvenating himself.

How to get there

To reach the hot springs book with a tour operator ,our guide will drive you to the western part of Uganda ,in Kasese district ,branch off at Nyakigumba trading center,25km on Fort Portal-Kasese Road after drive 7km up to Kinyampanika primary school in Katebwa sub county, from there hike to the hot springs through steep hills.

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