Rwanda cultural tours in Banda cultural village : Banda cultural village is situated in the heart of Nyungwe national park very closed to the parks office in Uwinka where the canopy hikes are arranged. The village is one of the renowned community here and a cultural destination with remarkable cultural insights that inspires visitors with loving and beautiful people, marvelous dances, and surprising traditions.  Banda Cultural Village can be reached a route via mountain road or a hike from Uwinka.

Soon as you enter in the village, you will be greeted by Intore dance and then accompanied by a local guide. The village offers visitors with a great opportunity to learn the cultural essence of modern day Rwanda were you will be presented to the unique traditions such a fashionable demonstrations of courageousness, performances with roots traditional agriculture, and knowledgeable to entertaining songs that are often reversed by calming and thrilling destination set of interlacing beats is treasured cultural encounters of similarly varied cultural medley of music, art and handicraft, you will also get chance to see how the local medicines and another traditional baskets are made, get involved in the maize grinding using the locally made tools and then engage in local food preparation, learning how the local villagers live , their way of life , observing them in their homes is more loving and fascinating.

Visitors taking part in visiting the Banda cultural village will be amazed with exciting experiences or activities such as village tours, basket weaving, guided nature walks around the village, can also take park in making local banana beers among others. On your fortunate visit, you may reach on a day when the village traditional wedding ceremony is taking place.

You can also combineRwanda cultural tours in Banda cultural village visit with other Rwanda wildlife Safari activities at Nyungwe forest national park since it is the nearest national park to the villages, such activities includes;

Chimpanzee trekking   

Chimpanzee trekking is one of the most loving activities carries out by many travelers who visits, due to the dense rainforest covered around  Nyungwe National Park it has houses  13 primate species including the rare and endangered Chimpanzees. Chimpanzee trekking is a must do activity to every tourist visiting the national park. Tourist visit the park throughout the year round to catch a glimpse of these uncommon primates, observing their playful nature and all their other behaviors and characteristics. The chimpanzee trekking experience in Nyungwe national park takes up to 4 or 5 hours and is at a fee of 100 USD per trekking permit. Other primates in the forest are black and white colobus,  L’ Hoests monkeys, blue monkeys, and red tailed monkeys among others . These you can see on your chimpanzee trekking experience and it begins in the morning at Uwinka reception center or Gisakura or Katabi with a briefing on the rules and regulation guidelines of the trekking experience

Canopy walk

Nyungwe National Park is one of the three places in Africa which offer canopy walkway tours to tourists and the only one in East Africa. The canopy walk in Nyungwe national park is a walk you take on a 160 km long suspended bridge above the Nyungwe forest or bush.

Other primate tracking

Nyungwe Forest is home to a different range of primates, with 13 different species known to inhabit the area, including chimpanzees, owl-faced guenons, and Angolan black and white colobus monkeys. Wildlife Conservation Society in 2002 that the Angolan black and white colobus monkeys were living in groups of more than 300 individuals, highlighting the impressive


Nyungwe National Park offers tourist with 13 different hiking trails, each with unique identities .such amazing hiking trails includes Igishigishigi trail, Rukuzi trail, Isumo waterfall trail, Kamiranzovu marsh trail, Bigugu trail, Irebero trail, Muzimu trail, Imbaraga trail, Ngabwe trail, Karamba birding trail, Umoyove trail, Congo Nile trail and many more. Hiking the forest trails can be done as a full day activity or even over several days, depending on tourist interests and ability.

 Nature Walks 

This is one of the top and popular activities carried out in Nyungwe National Park. During the walks you get chance to see the various tree species in the forest, several flower species, a variety of butterfly species, birds and wildlife, you will also get an opportunity to see some waterfalls. Forest Nature walks are normally guided by the forest guides and they take half day or full day, you select one that you feel is okay for physical fitness. Forest walk can take up to 3 hours depending on the travelers’ preferences and wants.

Bird Watching

Nyungwe Forest National Park is famous for its varied bird species, with over 278 species of birds making it a home. Among 26 species are endemic to the Albertine Rift Valley, making it a perfect destination for bird-watching fanatics. birders can expect to see a variety of birds, including  Rockefellers sunbird, Chapin’s flycatcher, red collared mountain babbler, Rwenzori Turaco, white tailed flycatcher, Rwenzori batis, Rwenzori night jar, Rwenzori hill babbler, Congo bay owlet, mountain sooty boubu among others..

Accommodation while visiting Banda cultural village

Banda cultural village is located in the heart of Nyungwe forest national park. The village host more international visitors than any other part of Rwanda and hence there is no shortage of accommodation options, there luxury, mid-range and budget hotels /lodges offering quality services. Let’s look at some of the popular hotels and lodges used while visiting the Banda cultural village

Rwanda cultural tours in Banda cultural village
Rwanda cultural tours in Banda cultural village

Nyungwe top view hotel

Nyungwe top view hotel is located on a hill within Nyungwe forest national park, this hotel offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. the has got a total of 12 well- maintained and salt-contained cottages, rooms are traditionally built with local material providing a comfortable and reasonable accommodation  with relaxed beds in a queen and kings size , making it an ideal choice for travelers. While at the hotel, you will be amazed the stunning view of the tea plantation in Nyungwe forest national park because it is on the hilltop of a hill.

Emeraude kivu Resort

This is one the most affordable mid-range accommodation facility and mostly optional for business, honeymooners and relaxation travelers in Nyungwe national park, the resort is located in a very calm environment on the southern shores of Lake Kivu in Cyangugu town. Emeraude kivu Resort offers the perfect views of stunning islands, beautiful tea plantations and the Congo Mountains

Mantis kivu marina hotel

Mantis kivu marina bay is anew exceptional accommodation property in Nyungwe national park, situated along the southern Lake Kivu shores offering nice-looking views of Lake Kivu and captivating surrounding islands. Mantis bay is another luxury property with attractive look in close nearness to Nyungwe designed with a uniform appealing material to give visitors full luxury life experience.

Golden monkey hotel

The Golden Monkey Hotel is located in the center of Nyamagabe city, just five minutes from the bus station in Gikongoro, Rwanda. This 3-star hotel offers comfortable accommodations and convenient amenities. The hotel offers rooms with private bathrooms with warm water, TV, and free Wi-Fi internet. You can enjoy views over the hotel’s yard with its stunning garden. The hotel’s restaurant is popular for its traditional Rwandan specialties and features a charcoal-fired barbecue providing free parking, a fitness center, and billiards and evening entertainment and children’s activities are also available.

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