Rwanda diverse safaris experiences : “Are there any safari experiences that can be included in a Rwanda safaris?” Yes!! Rwanda has got a lot of safari experiences that have attracted a huge number of visitors worldwide, from wildlife safari experiences to cultural encounters.  Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills, the country is surrounded by several hills, mountains and volcanoes. Rwanda is a small country but with wonders of nature, the country is located just at the borders at the Democratic Republic of Congo Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda making it easily to access for connecting safari experiences.  The country is one of the most densely populated areas on earth, with virtually every hill steeped and worked to make maximum use of the land. Rwanda is a home to four astonishing national parks such as Volcanoes, Akagera, Nyungwe forest and Gishwati-Mukura national park each of this national parks contains amazing wonders of nature.

Rwanda is a home to five of the eight Virunga mountains and is a home to the highest Virunga mountain– Karisimbi volcanoes others volcanoes includes Bisoke, Gahinga Muhabura and Sabyinyo. This Virunga volcano range is home to the half of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas with an estimated of about 1,000 in the wild with about 604 in Virunga massif but in a surprise Rwanda houses about 380 endangered mountain gorillas. Tracking mountain gorillas in their natural habitat through tropical jungles and rainforests is the highlight of any safari in Rwanda, though other primate and money trekking opportunities are also available.

This article presents to you some of the safaris experiences than can be included in a Rwanda safaris

Gorilla Trekking

 Today the most famous safari experience in Rwanda is gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. Volcanoes national park is  a home to over half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population, gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park offers opportunity for visitors to explore the hidden gems of the Virunga mountains because involve walking in the jungles of the thick tropical  forest in the Virunga mountains . Visitors on a Rwanda gorilla trekking safari are fascinated with a lot of Volcanoes wonder, during the trek you will get an opportunity to meet with other primate species such as Olive Baboons, Golden monkeys, L’Hoest monkeys, Red-tailed monkeys, Vervet monkeys, Black and white colobus monkeys, Grey-cheeked mangabey, wildlife like Buffaloes, Topi, Duckers as well as different colorful bird species that makes the park their home.

Once you encounter gorilla families in their natural habitat, you will be allowed to interact with this fascinating creatures for only one hour observing their behavior for example feeding, grooming and playing, and marvel at their close resemblance to humans. Watching the gorillas up close is a truly awe-inspiring experience. Mountain gorilla trekking experience in volcanoes national park normally starts early in the morning at the park headquarters with the guiding rules and regulations. The park is home to several habituated gorilla families that can be visited by tourists under the guidance of experienced park rangers and trackers and trekking this fascinating primates requires a valid permit at the cost of US$ 1,500 per person

 Chimpanzee Trekking

Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park national park is one of the famous activity offered to visitors on Rwanda safari in Nyungwe forest national park. The park offers opportunities to visitors to who seeks to have a closed encounter with is fascination creatures in their habituated families. Nyungwe national park offers a guided chimpanzees trekking safari experiences to visitor , where tourists gets a guide walk to the dense rainforest in search for this fascinating creatures . The park is home to several habituated chimpanzee groups where chimpanzee trekking experiences are conducted daily. During the trekking process, you will also get to meet with other primate’s species such as colobus monkeys and mangabey as well as wildlife species and others bird species that makes the forest their habitant. Once you encounter with this fascinating endangered apes, you will be allowed to interact with them for only 1 hour observing chimpanzees as they forage for food, play with each other, and interact within their social groups. When planning to have this fascinating safari experience in Rwanda, you will be requires to book a permit which authorizes you to carry out this exciting adventure at the cost of US$150 per person.

Wildlife Safaris

Rwanda’s national parks, including Akagera National Park, offer excellent opportunities for traditional wildlife safaris. Embark on guided game drives through savannah plains, wetlands, and woodlands in search of the Big Five fascinating animals such as lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros as well as other iconic African species such as giraffes, zebras, hippos, and crocodiles. With the guidance of experienced rangers, visitors can explore the park’s diverse habitats and observe its resident wildlife up close, making for exhilarating and remarkable safari experiences.

Rwanda diverse safaris experiences
Big 5 Animals

Bird watching

Rwanda is a bird watcher’s paradise, rich with diverse habitats and abundant bird species making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in bird watching. Rwanda offers a unique and remarkable bird watching experience that will leave you in wonder of the country’s natural beauty. Rwanda has got a lot of birding spots scattered all over the country such as the national park, swamps, forests , rivers, lakes, mountains among others ,making it an excellent birding destination sites with a variety of habitants. While on a gird watching safari in Rwanda, you will be amazed with different bird species as well as those that are endemic to the Albertine Rift such as Brown-throated Weaver, Papyrus, Gonolek, Kivu Ground Thrush, Willard’s Sooty Boubou Kungwe apalis. The Congo Bay Owl, Albertine Owlet, Shelley’s Crimsonwing, and Rockefeller’s Sunbird White-Winged. Rwenzori Turaco among others.

Canopy Walks and Nature Trails

Canopy walks is one of the highlight to do in Rwanda, canopy walk experience are only conducted in Nyungwe forest national park. Nyungwe forest national park is one of the three destinations in African continent which offer canopy walk safari experiences to travelers and the only one in east Africa. Canopy walks in Nyungwe forest takes 160 kilometers hang bridge above the Nyungwe forest. The canopy trails was constructed in 2010 with the aim of boasting both the international tourism and domestic tourism. While walking around on this stunning canopies trails, you will be rewarded with everlasting adventure experience with stunning views of the beauty of the forest from above, the East African region, Lake Kivu. You will also get to sight birds, butterflies, and other wildlife that inhabit the treetops.  The canopy walk is guided tour by a park guide and it begins from the Uwinka reception center and it starts at 9:00am with the cost of $60 per person

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