Golden Monkeys Rwanda is expedition dominating the famous Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park.

Golden Monkeys are endangered species which are exclusive to the Virunga Mountain ranges, covering the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda; these are the only countries where tourists have a chance to spot the Gorillas and the Golden Monkeys. The golden Monkeys live Bamboo forests and in vegetations these at the far base of the Volcanoes mountains.

They mostly eat bamboo shoot, there are two habituated troops within the range of Volcanoes national park and the larger troops that are found in Sabyinyo with about 90 to more than 100 members these are the most visited troops.

Golden Monkey trekking permit costs $100 only 8 people that are allowed to trek the Golden Monkey one needs to be physically fit.

The trekking takes place early morning with in Volcanoes National Park, wake up early morning at 6am meet at the head quarters by 7am meet the rangers and also have a short briefing about golden trekking before setting off for the trek. It takes a maximum of 15 minutes to 30 minutes away from the edge of the park.

While trekking follows the traces of fresh leftovers from the bamboo shoots eaten, locate the monkeys in less than an hour.

Spend 1 hour while watching the beautiful creatures as they picking the bamboo shoots making vast leaps from trees. Some monkeys have short tails due to their tails getting stuck in the bamboo trees thus you will spot some with short tails. The monkeys spend most of their time on top of the bamboo climbing trees.

Golden Monkeys are very shy little animals with amazing delightful colors for photography .Monkeys love camera flashes and move out of the park to eat potatoes that are left behind.

Golden Monkeys can clean and dip up the potatoes before eating them.

Trek includes

Rain Jacket

Hiking shoes

Camera with flash

Drinking water


The accommodations are nearby ranging from budget, midrange and luxury lodges, camps, taking 5minutes from the park headquarters .Have a gorilla trekking golden monkey at the same day


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