Rwanda’s twin lakes

Rwanda’s twin lakes : Though Lake Kivu is the most famous and largest lake in Rwanda, Rwanda’s twin lakes are the most unique lakes in the country. The twin lakes Burera and Lake Ruhondo are found in North of Rwanda between Mt Musanze and the Uganda Border. The lakes were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions in Rwanda that caused lava to flow downhill blocking the River Nyabarongo channel hence forming a sort of two lakes. Since they are a result of lava blocking, they are so close together, and that’s why they are called twin lakes.

The lakes are fed by a number of rivers from Uganda and they don’t pour into any other water body. The twin lake shores combined with the Rugezi swamps give their visitors spectacular views and great photographic backgrounds.

The lakes are known to be absolute bird hubs and most of the people that visit the lakes, apart from enjoying the view of the lakes; they visit the twin lakes for unforgettable bird watching experiences. When you visit the lakes for bird watching you will be sure to numerous water birds and others that make their home around the lakes. The birds you will see include Ruwenzori batis, handsome francolin, red faced woodland warbler, Ruwenzori turaco, strange weaver, herons, kingfishers, cormorant, hamerkop, darters dusky turtle dove, king fisher, brown necked parrot and many more.

Rwanda’s twin lakes
Rwanda’s twin lakes

Apart from bird watching, here are the other activities you can do while at the Rwanda’s twin lakes

  1. Boat and Canoe Rides

Boat and canoe rides are some of the top things you can do at the twin lakes. On these rides on either Lake Burea or Lake Ruhondo , you have an opportunity to explore the Virunga massif from all angles. You can actually see five of the Virunga Mountains from the lakes, especially the ones in Volcanoes National Park.  The boat and canoe rides are also a great way to watch the different birds around and on the lakes. On top of seeing the Virunga mountains and the birds you can also spot the surrounding islands that are Munanira, Cuza, Bishosho and Bushongo. Boat and Canoe rides cost about 20 to 30 USD per person per a day.

  1. Fishing

The twin lakes are fresh water bodies, so they have fish. Tourists who get a chance to visit the twin lakes get a chance to engage in fishing activities. The tourists join the locals and catch fish using the local community fishing equipment and methods or if you wish too you can bring Morden equipment for the fishing. When you catch the fish you take it with you or smoke it near the lake with some locals depending on the time you catch the fish.

  1. Beautiful sceneries

If you are not up for any engaging activity you can spend time enjoying the scenery of the beauty lakes. Take in the fresh breeze, enjoy the green fauna, watch people on boat rides, watch people fishing and enjoy the locals interact with each other as they go on with their day to day life. As you enjoy the beauty scenery of the place you can also interact with the locals to  learn more about the lakes and Rwanda.

  1. Biking

If you feel some kind of sporty in you, you can also engage in some fun biking around the lakes with other tourists or locals.

  1. Nature Walks

Explore the surroundings of the lakes on nature walks  around the lakes  and in surrounding areas.

  1. Camping

You can also camp around the lakes to enjoy the lakes some more  when you stay closest to them for a few days.

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