Safari Accommodation Types  : Going for a safari is all fun and excitement until you realize you need to figure out a place to for the days you’re on a Uganda safari. Usually it’s not that the accommodation facilities are not available it’s a matter of which type of accommodation you go with depending on your needs and budget. With such a vast range of accommodation facilities in East Africa, we are assure you there’s something for you and everyone who visit this beautiful region.

Though each country is different, the basics of accommodation remain the same and in this article we are going to detail for you some of the types of accommodation you expect to find in the East African region and what each type offers.

For further help on finding the best accommodation to cater for your needs, you should talk to your Uganda Rwanda tour operator; he/she will be glad to help you find the perfect place.

The types of accommodations therefore are:-

Budget accommodation

This is considered the cheapest or rather the most affordable type of accommodation . Fees for such accommodation in the region range between 20 to 80 dollars a night; these prices may vary from country to country.


What you get in this accommodation is a clean room with abed and beddings, a bathroom and running water. The rooms are standard and usually single room though two or three people can sleep in one, Safari Accommodation Types .

For food and other services, you have to get them either away from the facility or within at an extra cost.

The facilities that fall in this range are lodges, motels, camping sites and backpackers among others.

Midrange accommodation

As the name states this type of accommodation is slightly pricey compared to budget but is not as costly as luxury accommodations. The cost of mid-range accommodation goes between 100 to 300 dollars for a night but the price may vary from country to country. Also most midrange accommodations in the region have higher priced sections that are more luxurious and those may cost more than estimated above.

What this type of accommodation offers you include standard rooms, deluxe rooms and in some facilities you can have a family suites. The rooms are spacious, clean, have a bed and beddings, a bathroom/shower area with running water. The rooms have a WIFI, television and a section is designed like a small sitting space to relax and chill.

Usually all midrange accommodations offer bed and breakfast, so you have a meal on top of your sleeping facility. These facilities have also have swimming pools and lifestyle centers so at an extra cost you can enjoy those service.

Facilities in this range are usually hotels and hotel apartments.

Luxury accommodation

Known as the haven of accommodations, this is the most expensive type of accommodation. Accommodation facilities in this category prices will start from around 600 dollars and more for a room per night; depending on the facility, location and the service you are getting at the facility.  Some facilities in this category can go as high as 1000 dollars plus for a room a night, Uganda Safaris Tours .

These facilities have everything you want in an accommodation, clean, spacious and well-designed deluxe rooms with top notch beds and beddings, lounges, living room sections, and mini kitchen. The bathing areas will have not only running water but showers and bath tubs

Safari Accommodation Types 
Mestil Hotel , Uganda

The other amenities at these facilities include but are not limited to fine full course breakfast, dining spaces and gourmet cuisines, swimming pool, sports Centre or gym, spa, sauna, laundry, restaurant, shopping Centre, transportation among others.

Because of the cost of these accommodations, they usually exclusive so your guaranteed your privacy.

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