Safari gear for the month of May

May is one of those beautiful months to have a safari in but also one of the trick months to decide which safari gear you should carry. Ironic right! Ya! May is one of the wet months in the year, it’s the month that ends the first wet season in the year, this is the month when the heavy rains in the land reduce and slowly start of vanish into the dry season that starts in June. Wala, this is the very reason why it’s one of the most beautiful months for one to visit the pearl of Africa. The mid hot and cold weather experience in this month is one that greatly enhanced a safari and makes most safari activities less tiresome and super exciting.

Because May weather is between hot and cold, one may wonder what should I carry as my safari gear for my safari during May; the dilemma is not that the person doesn’t have safari gear, the dilemma actually that you can’t carry entirely winter gear and entirely summer gear you have to carry the middle of both of both gear. Also you never are really sure which side of the coin; I mean the weather is going to dominate your safari, the cold or the heat.

Anyway, we can’t guarantee what weather you will experience on your May safari but herein we shall discuss some gear that can work both ways  for the kind of weather we anticipate you will experience and you can totally carry them on your safari. Though these are top most suggestions you should note that there also other gear that may not be mentioned in this article that can work well for the May weather.

  1. Scarfs

It would be very prudent of you to carry one or two scarfs for your safari. Scarfs are simple clothing that can keep you warm when it’s cold but can also be used as an accessory when it’s hot; it’s the double use of the scarfs that makes them perfect fits for the May Safari.

Safari gear for the month of May
Safari gear for the month of May
  1. Closed Foot wear

Closed foot wear is a must have, the closed foot wear helps keep your feet warm especially when it gets really cold but also the closed foot were can protect your feet from sun burns that can easily catch you during dry seasons, However since May wear is just warm the closed foot wear is perfect to work both ways.

  1. Insect and Mosquito repellents

Especially when you are going to opt for camping instead of the hotel structure accommodation, it would be wise for you to get the insect and mosquito repellents to help you chase away the unwanted insects and keep you safe from those irritating bites. Insects and mosquitos breed most in these kinds of temperatures that are not so wet and not so cold.

  1. Moderately light clothing

As stated the month of May can have some good sunshine so to be on a safe side you may need to carry some light clothing that can you can put on the sunny days though the clothing shouldn’t be so light that when the weather changes it makes you so cold. The clothing should be moderately light somewhere between warm and light.

  1. Warmers for the cold days and nights

There are high changes of rain during the month of May so you should prepare for the cold, carry some warmers that you will need for the cold days and the cold nights.

Other things you may need to carry may include water proof gadgets or water proof gadget covers, water proof carriers, easy to dry clothing and many more but overall just think of weather between cold and wet, that will guide you on what gear to carry for a safari in the month of May

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