Safari Travel Tips : Travelling to East Africa is an exciting experience, its only are visit to some of the wonderful places in the world, and it’s a time to experience nature, wildlife and culture at its best. East Africa is one of the top tourism destinations on the African region and people travel to East Africa to unwind, explore and adventure. It’s a popular place for traveler. After Rwanda’s extraordinary hosting of the CHOGM 2022 meeting, there is no doubt people will be looking for opportunities to visit this great region most especially Rwanda.

With that in mind we want to share with you some of the travel tips you need to know as you plan to visit the region this season or the seasons to come.

  1. Plan ahead

Spontaneous travelling is great, fun, thrilling, adventurous name it, but it’s also risky; you many get the destination and things just turn bad to worse. So we advise you to please plan and plan ahead. Find out the information you, who you will need, when, where you will stay, how much money you will need and many other things.

Planning helps you have a sane and enjoyable trip, it also protects you from fraudsters.

Safari Travel Tips
Safari Travel Tips

If you cannot do this on your own seek help from a travel agent or a Safari tour operator.

  1. Itinerary

Part of planning ahead is having an itinerary for you trip especially if you are doing a safari. The itinerary will help you to utilize your time in the region well and also help you reach most of you expected travel places in the region.

It will also help you plan your movements well and guide you on how much you will spend on the trip or safari.

The other details in the itinerary help you in packing for the trip or safari, you pack according to what you hope to do on your trip and safari.

  1. Travel document

To travel you need your documents in order, for the East Africa region, having a valid passport is key and an East African visa. You can obtain the Visa beforehand or at the point of entry when you arrive at the airport. Consult with your travel agent or tour consultant for more information about the Visa.

  1. Vaccinations

You need to have a yellow fever vaccination certificate for you to be granted access into Rwanda and East Africa at large. The other vaccination that is good for you is the covid19 vaccination but that’s not mandatory.

  1. Covid19 SOPs

When it comes to the COVID19 standard operating procedures, they are quite relaxed, because as we all know the cases of Covid19 have gone down worldwide, so the demand for the SOPs is not so much. However you should note that ccovid19 is still with us so where need be please observe the SOPs for you safety and others.

Safari Travel Tips
Safari Travel Tips
  1. Destination requirements

Know your destination requirements before you travel, it will help to get you admission into the facility and also save you from unnecessary embarrassments on your trip. You can ask the destination to send you a list of the requirements or even consult your tour operator or travel agent.

  1. Weather information

East Africa has four weather seasons the long dry and long wet season and the short dry and short wet seasons, please find out in which season you are travelling and what clothing or gear you will need for that particular kind of weather. Also some places experience extremes, find that out before you embark on your visit this beautiful land of East Africa or the land of a thousand hills.

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