Should you have game drives in a rainy season?  : Game drives are some of the top safari activities, people engage in on a safari. I mean this amazing activity will take you to the wild to experience the wild creatures in their habitat and see how they get by in their day to day life.

Uganda is one of the best countries to have a game drive with over 1000 mammal species living the country’s unique vegetation you will be amazed and overly thrilled at the opportunity to see these creatures in the wild.

Savannah animals in Uganda include but not limited to the big five the African lions, tree climbing lions, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, leopards, rhinos, cheetahs, hippopotamus, crocodiles, zebras, antelopes, warthogs, impalas, giraffes, kob, topis, and many more. Uganda is home to a number of bird species and other wild creatures that will give you a delightful experience on your game drive as you transverse the wild. You will also appreciate the unique vegetation in the land you will be delighted you had the game drive when you do.

Places in Uganda where you can do game drives include all the national parks and game drives that are Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo National Park, Mt Elgon National Park, Pian Upe game reserve, Karuma game reserve, Semuliki National Park, Semuliki Game reserve, Mt Rwenzori National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and many more.

Well on a safari we are all excited to have game drives that’s why we go for Uganda safaris but in this season when it’s raining people are always asking questions like should you have a a game drive in the rain? is it okay to have a game drive when it rains, can I have a game drive when it rains? What’s a game drive like when it rains? will I see animals when it rains etc?

Should you have game drives in a rainy season?
Should you have game drives in a rainy season?

In this article we try to answer your questions and help you make the decision of whether you should have a game drive during the rainy season or not.

  1. During the rains the animals stay together, in specific locations they are rarely moving around in the rain. They are usually breeding during the rains. So you get to see the in huge numbers in one location on your game drives.
  2. The vegetation grows during the rainy seasons, so animals are out more to eat the green that has come up especially the herbivores animals. so you will have a chance to see more animals feeding.
  3. Game drives are done in tour vehicles that are either open or closed like a normal vehicle. so during the rainy season you can use the closed one to shield from the rain. if you are one who enjoys the open one then this won’t work for you, but it can try it.
  4. because of the rain, usually the dust in the parks has really reduced so you will usually have a clean dust free game drive.
  5. on the other side if the driving trails are not well made you may have slippery drives and muddy. it was be quite tedious but it’s an experience to tell.
  6. sometimes there are flooding in the parks because of the rains so you made encounter floods and as stated above may be tedious but again the experience of manoeuvring the floods is one to live for.
  7. If you are into flora, you will see numerous vegetation species you will be overwhelmed, this is the time vegetation really flourishes.

That said we can’t decide for you if you can have a game drive in the rainy season, but you can weigh your options and see.

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