Six trips to celebrate Uganda at 60 : Uganda is making 60 years. Yes this year on October 9th 2022, Uganda the pearl of Africa will celebrate 60 years of independence. This is a huge milestone for our beautiful country. So as Achieve Global safaris we want to celebrate with you this independence by offering you six trips to celebrate Uganda at 60. These trips are meant to help you explore the land of Uganda and see its beautiful sites.

The catch.

We are not just offering you six trip we are giving offering a 50 percent discount on every trip booked for six people. You know it, six is the magic number.

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But to give you a hint of what’s coming here is a list of the six trips you have to look forward to.

  • Taste of Uganda trip

The taste of Uganda trip will allow to see amazing features in the land of Uganda. On this trip you will travel through each part of Uganda – central, west, north and east. The trip doesn’t have definite timelines but here are the things you expect to see or do on the trip.

Six trips to celebrate Uganda at 60
Kampala City

In central Uganda: you will definitely have a trip to the independence monument and get to hear about the independence story of Uganda. You will have a chance to visit Kampala city hills and iconic places.

In western Uganda: you will have to make a choice from an array of options which include visiting Bwindi National Park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Kibale National park and Murchison falls National park.

In Northern Uganda, it will be Kidepo National park or Aruu falls.

In Eastern Uganda it will be the source of the Nile, mabira forest, itanda falls, Sipi falls and many more.

So for this taste of Uganda trip you will have to choose one destination  from each region.

  • South western Uganda trip

The south western Uganda Safari tour will give you a chance to explore one of three destinations in the south western region, which are;- Mgahinga National park, Lake Bunyonyi and Bwindi National Park.

You will spend about 3 days in the destination of your choice enjoying activities like mountain gorilla trekking, bird watching, nature walks, community tours, boat rides and island tours.

Six trips to celebrate Uganda at 60
Bwindi Gorillas
  • Northern Uganda trip

For the northern Uganda trip you go to both Kidepo National park and Aruu falls. You enjoy activities like game drives, water fall hiking, bird watching, picnicking and community tours.

  • Central Uganda trips

Central Uganda is big, so you will have to choose four stops from a list of many. The list includes:- 7 hills of Kampala, namugongo shrines, Kabaka’s lake, Lubiri – the king’s palace, Gadaffi mosque, Ssezibwa falls, Kasubi  tombs, Bahai temple, Kampale city markets, craft markets and many others.

The central Uganda trip can take one or two days.

  • Jinja Source of the Nile and Itanda falls

You can not talk of Uganda trips and not talk of Jinja source of the Nile. Most people call it the adventure capital of East Africa. A trip to Jinja is a 2 day trip and it allows you to visit the source of the Nile and the Itanda falls. You will engage in activities like boat rides, white water rafting, bungee jumping and others.

Six trips to celebrate Uganda at 60
Source of the Nile Tour
  • Sipi falls and mountain Elgon

With the sip falls and mountain Elgon trip you will enjoy, hiking the falls and the mountain terrains. The trip can take about 5 days if you combine it. Or one day for Sipi falls  and 3 days for Mt. Elgon.

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