Source of the Nile is the start point of the longest river in the world-river Nile which is 6590km long. The Nile flows out of Lake Victoria to the surrounding areas through mainly Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. First discovered by John Hanning Speke an English explorer on 3rd August 1858, the Nile has two main tributaries the White Nile and the Blue Nile and has its source in Lake Victoria, Jinja District, Uganda.

Source of the Nile

With all its rich history the source of the Nile, one of the tourists most sought after places to visit in Uganda, it offers you a wide range of adventurous activities that are done all year round in groups and as an individual. 

To get to the source of the Nile you drive from Kampala City via Mabira Forest to Jinja Town; and from Jinja town go a few kilometres off the town to Nile where you get to see the point of the source of the Nile, for you to vividly see the point you need to take a boat ride to the exact spot where the start of the Nile is. 

Activities on the Source of the Nile 

The main activity at the source of the Nile is viewing the spot where the Nile starts. The spot is a few metres from Lake Victoria and is an underground spot that that can be seen with evidence of bubbles coming up from the spot. Viewing this spot is the top on the list of a tourist itinerary when they visit the source of the Nile.

Other activities on the source of the Nile include:-

White water rafting: White water rafting is an on-water recreational activity where the inflatable raft is used to traverse the white waters on the river Nile. This leisure sport activity is normally done by a group 4 to 6 people that have to exercise teamwork to deal with the risks of waves on the water with individuals using double-bladed paddles to paddle rafts. This activity though exciting and memorable on some parts of the river can be extremely dangerous and can lead to fatality, so travellers and tourists are advised to adhere to all safety measures and be carefully even as they go for this activity. White water rafting on River Nile can be done all year round and can be grade 5 or 3 depending on your expertise.

Bungee jumping: This exciting adrenaline rush experience gives you an opportunity to plant a kiss on the Nile waters from the high grounds. It’s an outdoor exuberating sport carried out above the Nile. For the jump you are connected to an elastic cord to hold you as you jump off a tall construction, bridge or crane; when you jump the cord stretches as you pop upwards and you keep swinging back and forth until a point when you are let down in a boat. 

The activity is done all year round and can be done during the day or night depending on your preference and your curiosity for adventure.

Kayaking: Kayaking is a traverse across the Nile waters using a Kayak. A kayak is a small, narrow watercraft which is set in motion by a double-bladed paddle and the only difference between it and canoeing is the positioning of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle. Kayaks are driven or sailed by electric motors or outboard closed decks. When going for kayaking should follow the appropriate guidelines and dress code for you to fully enjoy the activity also it’s beneficial if you know how to swim in case the Kayak turns upside down. 

Birding: The Nile is hubs for a variety of water birds that can be seen in plain sight especially when you take a boat ride; you’re able to see the Osprey, Moorhen and other endemic species. You also get the chance to enjoy the beautiful fauna that is on the bank of the river, plus you’re able to sight the several islands and peninsulas on Lake Victoria though they may be quite far, at least you get a glimpse of them.  

Jetboat: If you are up for the challenged you can enjoy jet boating which is quite similar to kayaking but this time the boat is moved by a jet of water that is emitted from the hind of the boat; this water is drawn under the boat through a vessel into a pump-jet inside the boat and realising it to the nozzle.

Source of the Nile
Source of the Nile

Jet boating is an adrenaline rush sport and normally done in a group, the water rapids spin the jet boat and take it upwards and downwards as the jet boat races them. This is a less intense sport especially for those afraid of rafting.

Fishing: Fishing on the Source of the Nile is mainly done by the locals but you can engage in sport or fun fishing on some parts of the Nile as directed by the authorities on the Nile.

The source of the Nile will offer you a lot to experience that will leave you to breathe taken and filled will indelible memories of your experience.

Plan your trip to Uganda and be able to experience these activities on the Nile as you enjoy your tour around Uganda.

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