Southern Uganda : This part of Uganda includes a substantial portion of Lake Victoria, shared with Kenya and Tanzania. There are over twenty districts in the Southern region of Uganda which have with time grown to thirty districts and has the smallest number of tribes which are about ten tribes only.

3 Days Sezibwa, Jinja & Mabira Adventure

The top five attraction sites in this part of Uganda are Kasubi Royal Tombs, Kabaka’s Palace, Kabwoya Wildlife reserve, Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Ssezibwa Falls. Without further do, I’ll get right into each attraction.

Kasubi Royal Tombs. Located in Kasubi, Kampala, these tombs are home to the burial grounds of the Kabaka’s (the kings of Buganda kingdom) and other members of the royal family  and it remains an important site for spiritual and political purposes to the Ganda people as well as an example of traditional architecture. It is unique for the historical traditional and spiritual values, this is where the kings carry out  the King caries out his spiritual activities. The best time to see this place is any time of the year. It is pen to the public, Southern Uganda.

Kabaka’s Palace. Also known as the Twekobe which means working together, this palace is one if the most famous sites in the History of Buganda it happens ti be the home to the kabaka; the king of the Baganda. This place was built in 1885 by the then king of Buganda Kabaka Daniel Mwanga. It is unique because it is surrounded by amazing features like  the Lubiri which is the royal compound of the kabaka and is located in Mengo a suburb of Kampala. The palace is also surrounded by the Kabaka’s lake which is the largest man-made lake in Uganda. Finally the last feature bordering the Kabaka’s Palace is the the Bulange which houses the lukiiko of the Buganda Kingdom and the kabaka has an office here. In other words, this is the parliament of the kingdom The best time to see the palace and all these is all year round but April is the best time when the Kingdom is in high spirits of preparing for the king’s birthday.

Southern Uganda

Kabwoya Wildlife reserve Is the perfect destination to go to if you’re not looking for somewhere far when getting a get-away from the Kampala chaos it is ideal for for a safari because it offers a variety of tourist activities like nature walks, biking, day and night game drives. It is unique for its having the most beautiful scenetic features found in Uganda yet people don’t really come here as much. It has over 460 bird species, you’ll need to get those binoculars around your neck! It is located within the Albertine rift valley best time to see this magnificent is between June and August.

Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary. This is located on Ngamaba Island located on and surrounded by Lake Victoria south of Entebbe and is home to 52 orphaned and rescued chimpanzees which is what makes this attraction a unique one. Take a boat Cruise and interact with these very well trained and friendly chimpanzees Best time to see this place is between December all through to February and June to ERN UGANDA

Southern Uganda
Ngamba Island

Ssezibwa Falls. Located 35km east of Kampala this is in the district of Mukono on the way to Jinja. This place has interesting history as it is believed to have been formed by a woman named Nakungu Tebatuusa whose husband was Nsubuga Sebwaatowho while on her way to Kavuma Bukunja and she gave birth to twins inform of water which became the falls according to the traditional legend. The best time to see this place is every weekend you get a chance to travel.

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